Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rains :):):)

There is something about monsoons that makes people feel better. Either the concept of rains has been romanticized beyond a limit by our Bollywood films or it is a few months of respite that people get from the generally hot weather of our country that gives this season an extra privilege on the list of being a favourite season for people. Whatever it is, rains do bring smiles. The mood of people becomes generally upbeat and the unnecessary irritation because of the scorching heat wave vanishes from the voices of people. I am no exception and the moment the first showers drenched the city, I did have a smile plastered on my face and happiness filled my heart and what better way to express happiness than in the form of poetry !! Here’s my take ;)

Drops, Raindrops, Drops from the sky;
Beauty of nature here comes by…

The air is washed and so is every place;
All you can see is happiness on everyone’s face…

The mesmerizing smell of earth enwraps the air;
Freshness oozing from every inch of the atmosphere…

Ups and downs, rains and shine;
A part of life, we’ve been told a million times…

Yet in testing times, we get upset, yet we cry;
Why can’t we just get up and give the new way, a new try…

Before the rain, dark clouds dot the sky everywhere;
So is our case, before winning over, problems in our life seem to adhere…

Till the time, get drenched, get wet;
In the beauty that Almighty has set…

Enjoy the moments of this monsoon;
Because the drops, this magic shall vanish soon…

Drops, Raindrops, Drops from the sky;
Beauty of nature here comes by…


  1. Good one !! Beautifully expressed :)

  2. So finally so rhymes :) And yes it is wonderfully written

    1. *some rhymes
      I meant :)

    2. Hey, thank you so much !! Yeah, some rhymes.. I guess, i am still stuck into the belief that poetry has to rhyme :P :D

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Prakriti.. Thank you :) Nice to see you here..


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