Monday, 24 November 2014

Heaven !!

when they finally met
vodka swam in air
and friendship was poured in
glass after glass 
he the regular
she was a newbie
and nothingness breathed in
with a feeling
of getting drowned
in music
and intoxication too
wrapped in the blanket
of comfort zone
that grew cozier everyday
when their inhibitions
went on a brief holiday
words flew
or maybe not
when stillness
felt like a warm embrace
hours slipped by
in a matter of minutes
and they wished
the night would stop by 
with an unending supply
of alchohol and music
and nothingness to breathe in
and breathe out
because what else would they call?
if it was not this !  

Sunday, 16 November 2014


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Sometimes it gets lonely. So lonely that it feels as if I’m the only person on this planet. Alone. Totally alone. And on such nights, it is only the loneliness that talks to me. Talks to me in a language that just the two of us can understand! Because it has been my companion. Since long! It talks. And while it talks, it transports me. It transports me to a bygone era. An era where a part of me, or wait; the whole me lives. Still. The funny thing being that this loneliness wasn’t in sight then. Today, it enwraps me like air and the irony is that it feels exactly like lack of it. A complete blackout; not of light, but of my emotions. Or maybe not. Because at such times, the only emotion I can feel is ‘YOU’.  

Written for Magpie Tales # 246

Monday, 3 November 2014

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