Sunday, 26 October 2014

When you learn ...

naïve you walk
open hearted
true to self, true to all
walls around your heart
you don’t grow
visible everything in your eyes
happiness and sorrow
you speak
speak your deepest thoughts
in what you believe
and, sometimes what others made you see
in front of those
who you thought were your own
unknowing, unaware
that you are being judged
true, false and half baked
being formed
to be used against you
when time is ripe
when you differ
to their ideas of conformity
after all, one and all around
are looking for nothing
but an echo of their opinions
and you sit and wonder
at your candor
or stupidity to be true
because your guards were never in place
open hearted
true to self, true to all
you have been
but there are times
when you start to unlearn
in what you believed
and when you begin to disbelieve
what you had learnt
that’s when your walls begin to grow
when seeds of trust
only in yourself
you learn to sow

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

His Smile

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Still remember the day
I first noticed
His Smile
From lips to eyes
Reached in no time
It also beckoned mine

Warm, compassionate
He wore
His Smile
Dripped with positivity
Made our meet

After mild rain
Like rainbows one could see
His Smile
Could make air around
Seem pleasant
For a little while

Melting Chocolate
On a warm winter morning
His smile
Like a walk in clouds
Sadness it could drive away
Atleast a mile

Always aware he's been
Of the mystic spell in
His smile
Gripping hearts
Many, till date
It beguiled

Enticed I am
Await to see everytime
His Disarming Smile
Hope it stays afloat forever
Sprinkling happiness
In his innate style! 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Release - Haiku

fighting the mundane
dragging it day after day
that’s what they call life

that’s what they call life
crib, complain and go to sleep
wake up, follow same

wake up, follow same
play the game, as we all await
day of release

Written for Haiku Horizons Prompt # 35 – RELEASE  

Saturday, 18 October 2014

A New Life !!

Reva looked at things scattered in the shop that opened in fifteen days. She wanted everything to go well. After all, it was a new lease of life that she had almost snatched from destiny after being duped into marriage to a psycho. Divorce was hard. Even harder was the pressure of being independent. She wasn’t educated but was creative. That’s what she decided to do. Use her talent for turning scrap and mundane things into unusual and beautiful interior decoration pieces. Who would have known that a hobby picked up randomly would be her bread and butter one day!

Written for the photo prompt for this week's Friday Fictioneers

Friday, 3 October 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Hunger

‘Come on sweetheart, she has been waiting for you since morning and look at you, trying to turn your eyes away from her, trying to run away, I mean what are you even thinking?’

‘I can’t, I just can’t do it however hard she tries to beckon me with that sexy voice of hers. I am not going back to her because I am not falling into her trap again and your trap again.’

‘I am not laying any trap for you and you better get that straight in your head that whatever I ask you to do is for your own benefit.’

‘No, my dear stomach, right now what you are asking me to do is not for my benefit because right now you are not hungry but just plain bored so stop growling since it’s not lunch time yet and I am not going to eat that cookie lying in the drawer however hard you try to persuade me.’

Written for Five Sentence Fiction - Hunger

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sip by Sip.. Drop by Drop..

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Sip by Sip
Drop by Drop
You drain me, You strain me
I talk, I blabber
I go on a rampage of meaningless chatter
A part of me nestles within you
I somehow now settle within you

Sip by Sip
Drop by Drop
You drain me, You strain me
Pouring myself out
I feel emptied without a doubt
Happiness, Worries, Hopes and Fears
I almost even showed you my tears

Sip by Sip
Drop by Drop
You drain me, You strain me
Vulnerable I so feel
My brokenness before you I peeled
Past fears grow up as I let my guards go down
Damn! I sometimes end up feeling like a clown

Sip by Sip
Drop by Drop
You drain me, You strain me
I fear you would know me
I fear you would grow upon me
Raw, unguarded you make me feel
Everytime I talk; everytime with you I deal

Sip by Sip
Drop by Drop
You drain me, You strain me
Alas! a part of you never walked upto me
Your guards I know are harder than steel
I wish I could learn that from you
How you never give anybody a feeblest clue

Mystery I prefer to remain
My aloofness I wish to sustain
My own intentions you make me doubt
Of my own shackles you make me want to break out
Sip by Sip
Drop by Drop
I see myself getting drained out !!

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