Friday, 30 October 2015

Last day of the month

I really like the last day of the month. Apart from the obvious fact that the next day gives the much needed oxygen to my dying bank account, I also like this day because every month, we witness emotions. In their rawest form. Let me tell you how.
Every last day of the month, a function is held by my organization for the retiring employees without fail. Entire organization gathers in the auditorium without fail to bid farewell to the retiring employee, irrespective of the class or cadre they belong to. It is a formal function where details such as credentials of the employee, his service time with the organization, what places he was posted and in which departments he worked etc. are read out while handing out the customary mementos to them.

But what makes this day special to me is the reaction of the retiring employee. Being a government organization, these people have worked with the organization for atleast a couple of decades to say the least. Decades. In the same organization. With the same people.

While they are on service, some are sincere, others frivolous, some boring, others chatty, strict or lenient, some brood in quietude, others whine in open.

But on their last day, they are nothing but emotional. Some cry openly, others hide their tears in their silence. Those few minutes on stage tear down all the facades they have been holding all through their service life. And what you witness is emotions in their rawest form. The way most of them break down when an auditorium full of employees from every cadre applauds their years of service. Most of them, unable to speak anything, being too full of emotions, with lumps in throats when asked to describe their journey.  

Decades. In the same organization. With the same people. Colleagues who turned into friends and formed strong bonds like family. Arguments with some, jokes around others. Experiences. Good, bad and others. Moments – embarrassing and proud ones. I think all these would be flashing in front of their eyes. And I guess those small moments flow down from their eyes. Without hesitation. With gratitude.

That moment. To witness that moment from this side of the stage is anything but a humbling experience. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Beauty of Friendship

You hadn’t messaged
I hadn’t too
Because I always called
Never did you
I was supposed to be angry
Behave all haughty
And tell you I am busy
But today when I heard you
Amidst all the noise
It was as if I had no choice
Stories and instances found themselves a voice
Now I am angry with myself
For not showing it to you
And wonder why my anger
Around you takes a dip
But then I guess
That’s what they call
The beauty of friendship

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Wake up, dress up,
Walk, talk and wear a smile
Say hello and be polite

Speak, laugh, reciprocate
Good mornings and how-are-yous
I am good, how-about-yous?

Work tireless
Your own or sometimes others’ share
Something nobody would stand to care

Wear plastic smiles
And paper thin courtesy
Laughing inwardly at the absurdity

Grow facades
And hold them strong
Like you have been carrying them all along

They would gnaw at your insides
But you must hold on
You must hold on !! 

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Shadows - The Oddquain

and why do
shadows of past ghosts
follow though we have dissolved
ago in murky waters
of flaring egos
our ashes

Oddquain Butterfly – a nine-line stanza with 1-3-5-7-1-7-5-3-1 syllables
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