Friday, 30 May 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Marriage

‘Why are you looking so pissed off?’ she said trying to fathom the reason behind his cranky behavior since past half an hour sitting at their favourite restaurant.

‘It’s you who does that to me’ he replied with a stern face looking straight into her eyes.

‘Yes, You! you keep me awake with your phone calls late into the night, your messages keep on popping up on my cell every now and then, your incessant chatter when we meet, and then your stupid ways of making me smile when I am down, and I have to drink all that distasteful soup of yours that you make whenever I am sick, and how can I forget those handmade gifts that you make me for no reason inspite of telling you a hundred times to not spend sleepless nights for making those gifts, but you just won’t listen.’ He said in one breath as if the words were just bursting inside him.

‘Rahul, I just do that to..’ and her sentence trailed off with a lump in her throat and she looked mindlessly at her coffee trying hard to fight tears that were threatening to spill over the confines of her eyes.

‘I want you to do that for me, for a lifetime, not just this one, but for as many number of times I am born, Marry me, will you?’ he said and saw her tears finally leaving her eyes but tagging a faint smile along with them.   

Written for Five Sentence Fiction for the prompt - Marriage

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My baby is a year old today :) :)

The day is clearly etched in my memory. 14th May 2013 it was. The day my baby came into my life after a lot of pushing and efforts. Hard work it was. More mental, than physical. I was literally nagged into bringing it to life by well-wishers. So damn afraid I was. How would things happen? How will everything work after its
arrival? I mean everything changes once you have a new entity to take care of. I mean, what’s the point of bringing a new being into existence with so much passion and then what if you don’t nurture it properly. Such and a whole gamut of questions popped inside my head.

And then the day arrived. The labour had begun. Confusion, patience and a lot of efforts later, my baby came to life. I could see it. Ah.. that amazing feeling. I was literally walking in air. Happiness visible in my eyes!! I never thought in my dreams that the puppy love affair which started in teens would eventually develop into a passionate relationship and finally consummate into bringing my baby to this world. If happiness was just a ‘petal’, I was experiencing full blown spring. Such was its impact on me.

Gosh, I was so damn careful in handling it in the initial days. I didn’t know what to do when others came around to have a look. How do I behave? How was I supposed to make them feel?

But, such a proud parent I felt when somebody would come to see my baby. When they said something good, I beamed. I basked in the glory seeing my baby grow day by day, seeing the love and affection of people around. When somebody would ask me, how my baby was doing, I would run out of words describing what happiness my baby and I were going through.

I kept a check on my baby every now and then. You could say I was obsessed. I don’t know if all parents are this way, but I was.

And then there were the grey days. Days when nothing in life seemed to be going right. Days when disappointment touched the shores of my soul. And on such gloomy days, one look at my baby would bring smile on my parched lips. I felt so connected to it. My baby. My reason to smile.

And through this journey, I also mingled around with fellow parents. Came across with some great ones! I tried to learn from them seeing how they handled their babies. Some were so successful in gathering so much adulation from one and all around. I so adored them. I wanted my baby to be as successful as them. But, ofcourse, my baby was my baby and I had my own way of handling it and nurturing it. I learnt my own path and kept on walking.

A year it has been! Twelve months of pure bliss. My baby is growing up to become so adorable. I love the adulation being showered on my child. Thankful I am to all those who have been around. Friends, so amazing I have made in this journey. Friends who are great support. Friends who love to drop in and say hello to me and my baby! I can’t even describe the happiness I feel when I have those friends around, motivating me to do better and adulating the baby.

I can go on and on about it. Any parent can. But yes, I noticed, I haven’t mentioned the name of my baby yet. I deliberated a lot on it while naming. And after thinking and re-thinking and consulting and discussing, I named it ‘Dreams and Dimensions’. Do keep showering your love on us. <3 <3 <3

 P.S. - I also wrote a poetic version for ‘My Baby’. You can read it here

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Truth - 100 words

Since an hour, her mother grumbled something.
‘Why are you grumbling without reasons?’ asked dad.
‘It wasn’t me. You are mistaken. You don’t trust me?’ said dad after hearing mom. 
‘You are lying. Don’t fool me. I know it was you’ she heard her mom say.  
‘I wasn’t even at home. How could I have done this? Ask Neha, she was at home whole day’. dad said
And she realized that she could no longer hide the truth. She had to tell her mother that it was she and not her diabetic dad who had finished entire packet of rasgullas.

This post is written for 100 Words on Saturday by Write Tribe. The prompt was - ‘She realized that she could no longer hide the truth’

Friday, 9 May 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Doors

Scorching May sun was still shining harshly and she was drenched inspite of having the window seat in her everyday bus she took after work.

Ah, she breathed some relief finally seeing her stop arrive after waiting endlessly for the bus to wade at snail’s pace through congested city traffic.

She let others get down before her and was the last one to alight the bus for that particular stop. She closed the bus door quickly as the vehicles behind the bus honked hard.  

Just as she turned around, the bus moved, and the last thing she felt was a huge bang of the bus door on the back of her head !!

P.S. - This is my first attempt at Five Sentence Fiction. The prompt was Doors

Friday, 2 May 2014

Manali !!

Thousands pass by everyday
Some days are special though
When some beautiful people enter our lives
And then from our hearts they never go

Dusty bus journey across the city
I hated taking it every time
May be God had on me some pity
And you came and sat on my right

And thus began a bond
That grew every single day
Of each other we became so very fond
It bored me to death whenever you were away

Chatterbox you’ve made out of me
Mythology to movies, from books to boyfriends
Blabbering away we
Non-stop for hours without ends

Every character of each other’s life we know
How good they have been
And how wicked they could go

Been with each other
In times good and bad
Pulled each other up when we were sad

Advice we’ve followed of each other every time
Whether handling some trouble
Or buying that make-up kit last time

A new path you are taking today
And I wish nothing but love and happiness
To come your way

My bus journeys shall be bland without you
Manali, missed shall be you
Coz friends like you in life are so very few…!!

This poem is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the friendship I share with this beautiful and vivacious woman who has made my bus journeys totally worth it. She is getting married today and I am still to come terms to the fact of not meeting her everyday. 

Manali, this one is just a small gift for you on this special day. Lots of love.. !! 
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