Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Little did she know - 55 Fiction

She never told him how crazily she loved him because she wanted to wait till their
marriage. She was even secretly penning their love story into a book as her wedding gift for the man who always made smile reach her eyes. Little did she know that their love story would never reach its destination!


While searching job portal, she remembered her placement day when she had
refused corporate communications profile because she had studied Finance. Little did she know that two years later, she would find her calling in communications and would do anything to trade her present job for the one offered to her at her campus placements.  

This post is written for Write Tribe 55 on Friday. The prompt - Little did she know”

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bitching, Literally !!

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Zoey:  Long time, where have you been?
Coco: Ah, don’t ask. It’s been such a long week. The family took me on a holiday with them.
Zoey:  Enjoyed?
Coco: Atleast it was better than making that aunt of theirs babysit me. She doesn’t know a thing, you see. All she keeps on doing is feeding me. I mean for God’s sake, we do not have unlimited spaces in our tummies. Then, she would scrunch her nose when I have an upset stomach. I mean whose fault is that? By the way, how was everything here?
Zoey: Haha, that woman. Oh, Coco, you have missed so much here in the last week.
Coco: Is it? What happened? I am all ears.
Zoey: You remember that hunky dory called Brat we have been eyeing since the family came to stay here last month? I saw him getting all worked up on seeing your next door neighbor. And then, I see both of them together in this park last week. Oh, you won’t believe how they were up to being so cozy away from the glares of their families.  
Coco: Oh my god, is it? Sassy, doesn’t leave anybody, doesn’t she? I mean, just a few days before she was with Bruno from the next lane, isn’t it?
Zoey: Oh yes, you told me about it. By the way, did you see Fluffy recently? The amount of weight he has been putting on is just so oh-my-god!! No wonder, that slim and slender Angie left him.
Coco: What else would she have done? Ah, yes, Angie was flaunting her new diamond studded band.
Zoey: One flaunting bitch, she is. Anyways, leave it. Why should we care about others?
Zoey: Yes, you are right. Let’s just enjoy this warm sunlight.
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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The prompt was to write a short story/incident (200-300 words) from an animal’s perspective.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Grimace : Haiku

Perfection she
Sip of coffee, Grimaces I see
Problem, for me?


Still some pages to go              
Acknowledgements I see
Why so fast did I read?


That boastful neighbor
My child would top and she would see
Ah, her results 


With oozing wounds        
Grimace on the face
Yet he ran to finish the race

This post is shared with Haiku Heights # 317 and the prompt is GRIMACE

We, the Nocturnal Tribe !!

Oh, it’s that wonderful time
When only a handful few hear those serenity chimes

Lovers to each other whispering sweet nothings
Exes remembering some old broken things

Writers pouring their hearts out
Readers digging a book inside out

Radio jockeys humming into their mikes
Insomniacs and sleep deep into a fight

Students with books burn their midnight oil
Hapless employees on their spreadsheets toil

Security guards on duty, sticks clasped in their hands
Thugs successfully working away somewhere with their plans

Yes, we all are strangers in the night
Bound by a connection obscure, a part of this nocturnal tribe!!

This post is written for the Write Tribe - 100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 2 
Prompt: Strangers in the night.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Clap : Haiku

Joy emanates within
Warm heart overflows
Happiness hands display


On new path, they criticize
Let success kiss your feet
Claps all around


Witnessing my child's first win
Tears racing on my cheeks
Drums in my hands

This post is shared with Haiku Heights # 316 and the prompt is CLAP

My Little Sister

Nope, not from Google :P
Two years later than me you came                                     
Yeah, we even look a little same
My guinea pig you were
From hairstyles to baked dishes
You were made to sit through against your wishes
Always fighting, our squabbles in the house all around
On each other’s nerves, we are often found
But, dare anybody say anything against me or my rights
You are out with your swords ready to fight with all your might
I know I don’t ever show how much I love you
In these little words, I would say that Companion for life I would be to you!!

This post is shared with Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday - 2014 # 1 and the prompt is – My Little Sister

To Beautiful New Beginnings !!

Yes, the first post of 2014 it is ! *Happy Dance* The moment the dreary old clock on the drawing room wall showed 12 am on 31st December last year (ah, the happiness of writing 2013 as last year) blaring music all around reached a crescendo, firecrackers lit up chilly December sky, greetings flew down from all corners, telephone networks jammed, Facebook walls flooded with New year wishes, Whatsapp continually buzzed, that very moment, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘To Beautiful New Beginnings’.

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Yes, the optimist in me was at her highest high totally drunk on the idea of Hope. Yes, Hope that the upcoming year would usher in happiness and its fleet within my life. I did write about how my last year fared here and yet my dear Hope doesn’t seem to leave its premises within my heart. It has found a permanent residence inside me. I too let her be, let her occupy a rent free space inside me. 

We have become kinda best friends - not leaving each other in any circumstances, she always riding on my mind guiding me with her teeny weeny torch through thicker times and me always holding her hand in small and big occasions of life.

As everybody wished me a Happy New Year and I reciprocated with mutual warmth, I asked myself what did I wish for myself this New Year. And this is the answer my heart (which now totally speaks to the tunes of Hope) gave me.

It is the Passion that keeps you burning
May you keep it alive and continue the learning

May of big Dreams your eyes be the carrier
But you reel out efforts to achieve even Bigger

May you meet some amazing People this year
But may you keep the current best ones even more near

May you read some great authors
But may you be able to Pen yourself even better

May your materialistic wishes this year come true
But, may you Grow as an individual in spirituality too

May happiness in your Family ensue
And may you be one the reasons of their happiness too

May within your soul Happiness be found
But may you also spread a lot of Cheer around

May the negativity within you subside
But may you be able to remove fears from other’s insides
Life always smooth, may you find
But if it gets stormy, may you find Faith to withstand and fight

May every passing day Outshine the earlier
May this year you be nothing but all the more happier

And now, I would end this post with an ‘Amen’ for all of the above. J J  Happy New Year Friends. By the way, what did your heart wish for?
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