Thursday, 27 March 2014

Last Trifecta Challenge :(

Miniature writings
Pouring ourselves out
A big shout-out
Seeds of imagination you have sown
Creative words on paper grown
As curtains go down
You shall be missed from all of us around

This is written for the last Trifecta Writing Challenge. It was a free write. 33 words. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sand : Haiku

Image Courtesy: Google Search
Etched in sand                                                         
Temporary it is
May ‘we’ sustain forever though


Image Courtesy: Google Search
Like castles, we built of sand
Wish life could be molded
Like we wanted


Image Courtesy: Google Search
You never realize
How quick they grow
And like sand, time slips away

Unmade as always

Unmade as always
But hey, I like it that ways
Creases forming intricate designs
This bed has seen all my mood signs
Cried I have sunken on the pillows
When life was vague and nothing but hollow
Privy to all sweet nothings
Along with sweethearts, it listened to talks so mushy
Sitting in my sweat pants
Writing poetry and the rants
While readying for the hangouts
On it, all the dresses have been laid out
Jumped on it in excitement
Punched it hard in resentment
Pizza crumbs on it be found
And yes, my phone must also be around
Cuddled on it with soft toys
Under warm blankets, oh what joys!
Lazed around for hours at a stretch
Lost in thoughts sitting on its edge
Me and my world it has held
Oh yes, I just love my unmade bed!

This one is written for Mag # 212

Monday, 24 March 2014

Oh Laptop Oh Laptop I Miss You Like Hell

That’s what friends are for! To lift you up when you are feeling down. So while I sulked on Facebook about not having my laptop with me during the weekend to write, Amrit Sinha ( came to my rescue. He gave an idea. And then, we rhymed. Without any reason. On a chat. The result is below. Have a look! A stanza each written by both of us. And being my first ever duet poem, this one is sure going down the memory lane. We had fun crafting this up. Hope you have fun reading it too. And Amrit - thank you, this sure made me smile J

Oh laptop, oh laptop,
I miss you like hell,
When will you, when will you
Again get well?

My laptop, dear laptop
Why did you go away?
Don’t you know oh dear
That being with you makes my day!

That hour when you arrived,
You gifted me with smiles,
We promised to be together,
In journey across miles

Ah, the caress and the warmth
When I swiftly glide along the keys
How badly, how badly
Those silent tickles I now miss

The games that we played
All day long
Movies we watched
And all my favourite songs

Writing the poems and posts
On those lonesome nights
The creativity inside me
Kissed greater heights

And then came the darkness
Flooding the dawn
My passion screamed tears
My heart thus mourned

I crave to write, to touch
The desire to see you again
Pouring thoughts and my world
‘Cause that’s what can keep me sane

For you, I’ll wait
My love all day
Come back to me
Just find a quicker way

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ah, Whose could it be ??

It's a WOW !!  

With a throbbing headache I wake up
I need nothing but a strong coffee cup

Housewarming party images from last night
But, oh, the messy surroundings was not a very pretty sight

Gone are the friends and their friends
‘t was fun, food, music and booze flowing without ends

Cleaning up the corners of my new place
Need to buck up, I just can’t sit and laze

As I hurry to order up things
A half-eaten cake, mobile phone and an earring

Resting on my newly acquired centre-table I see
Now whose earring could it be?

Tried hard to recall, but how could I tell
After all, the expensive booze had done its work well

Ah, I am never gonna find out was my apprehension
But somehow that earring had my attention

I picked up my phone and browsed casually
To take a picture and instagram it quickly

Half face of a lady in green earring sat in my phone gallery
So, the special connection with the earring could not just be a fallacy

But how do I find out whose it could be
Voila, why not check if a new number in my phone I could see

Yes, her number I saw with the picture
Hope of new beginnings inside me now flickered

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Haha.. Let's joke on women today as well !!

It is almost evening as I type this. I wrote about an inspirational woman here during the Write Tribe Festival and hence, my mind was still searching for clues to write upon for today’s theme. It is a weekend and my cheery mode was on activation, especially with all the wonderful messages I received and posts that I read for today. And then, I received the following message in one of my Whatsapp groups:

HAPPY MEN'S DAY!!! For the first time something on a MAN. Do read it...Who is a MAN?
A man is the most beautiful part of God's creation who starts compromising at a very tender age. He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister. He sacrifices his dreams for just a smile on his parents face. He spends his entire pocket money on buying gifts for the lady he loves just to see her smiling. He sacrifices his full youth for his wife & children by working late at night without any complain. He builds their future by taking loans from banks & repaying them for lifetime. He struggles a lot & still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife & boss. His life finally ends up only by compromising for others' happiness.

Agar aurat par hath uthaye to besharam, aurat se maar khae to buzdil,
Aurat ko kisi ke saat dekh ker ladai kare to jealous, chup rahe to darpok,
Ghar se bahar rahe to aawara, ghar me rahe to naakara,
Bachhon ko daante to zaalim, na daante to laparwah,
Aurat ko naukari karane se roke to shak karne wala, aurat ko naukari karane se na rokey to biwi ki kamai khane wala,
Maa ki maane to chamcha, biwi ki sune to joru ka gulam..
Na Jane Kab Aayega.. "HAPPY MEN'S DAY” Respect every male in your life. You will never know what he has sacrificed for you. Worth sending to every man to make him smile & every woman to make her realize his worth!! HAPPY MEN'S DAY JO OFFICIALLY KABI  NAHI AAYEGA..

Had it been any other day, I would have laughed it off adding some tongue showing emoticons in the response. May be I would have taken this with a pinch of salt and started a friendly Men vs. Women argument. May be I would not have even responded.

But not today. Today, something irked me with the above message. I know the above message was not against women per se. But today, when the world is celebrating the women in their life, there was one man who thought of sending the above message.

I could have put up an equally strong and long message about the sacrifices women make but I am sure it would have hurt my fingers typing such a huge list. And an equally acerbic response to the way women are labeled and judged on whatever they do. But no Sir. I did not do any such thing to avoid much hurt to my delicate fingers who I thought should better be used for typing some wonderful posts. And I just responded by saying that there is a special day dedicated for men which is celebrated on 19th November every year and that the above message was distasteful for today’s day.  

I was replied with a message that wasn’t it distasteful of me to think that we should be celebrating womanhood only on a single day rather than everyday?

Oh, what a wonderful thought it was!! So my response to this wonderful thought was something that I read today from one of the fellow bloggers - that we live every single day of our life, then why do we celebrate our birthday only once a year? If there is a particular day dedicated to celebrating womanhood, why can’t we just revel in it?  

And also the fact, that I celebrate the woman in me and wonderful women around me, every single day. It’s just that today, along with ourselves, we give the men around a chance to celebrate us.

I don’t know why any joke on women today irked me. I even sent a disclaimer warning to a dear friend saying that dare he irk me more today with jokes on women, the HALO on my head would not take time to get converted into some deadly HORNS ;)

It’s not that I have not read such jokes on women before. Trust me, there are ample of them and some are pretty creative too. I have laughed them off as well. May be, I have even sent a few around myself. But, I really don’t know why could I not take a joke on women today? I am not anti-men or something but today I just couldn’t take a joke on me. Is it because I thought that why can’t there be even a single day when women are not mocked about or something else, I really don’t know.  

I don’t even know if this post makes any sense on today’s occasion. Hope you had a better celebration of Women’s Day. To all the lovely ladies out there, a Happy Women’s Day to you.

This post is written for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 7. And the theme was WOMEN.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Beast In The Cage

Assault on a neighborhood woman I hear
Guess I felt rolling down of a painful tear
Beating her almost to the grave
She didn’t bear a son and that meant punishing her with a stave
Husband goes unapologetic about it
She deserved no mercy he says with full grit
Six days and she is still unconscious
My heart cries for his behavior so obnoxious
Triggers something within the soul
The world about this ghastly act needs to be told
His should not be an easy exit
Cage is the only place where such beasts should exist
Double spaced, list of all his horrid deeds I type so furiously
It goes into next day’s newspaper, I now wait anxiously
Fuels a reaction I didn’t not expect
Better medical services now she would get
The beast is well within the cage
Our small town for such inhumanly act now writhes with rage
Hope the rage within the country spreads like wildfire
And such monsters face consequences always so dire

This post is written for Sunday Whirl, Wordle 150 where the words shown in the above picture have to be used in the post.

A Bunch of 55 Fiction

In love with a Blogger:

He:   I like you and I know you don’t. I can’t force you to like me.
She: I hope you understand.
He:   Yeah. But hey, I hope you are not going to blog about this proposal.
She: Nope. I won’t.

Half an hour later

Post Title – The Proposal
*Now, what should be the character’s name?*

The Misunderstanding:

She: Come on, she was not worth your love. Move on buddy. And what is all this shit about not getting married ever? Trust me, if you don’t marry, then an amazing woman shall loose an opportunity to have a superb husband in you.

He:  *Amazing woman? Oh my God, is she talking about herself? *

What are friends for?

Me:        Tomorrow is first exam of our MBA. Its accounts and you are a science                     graduate. Would you pass?
Friend:   Don’t you worry. I am going to score good in this paper too.
Me:         Ok. What is a balance sheet?
Friend:   Balance sheet is where journal entries are made.
Me:         *He is going to fail*  


Jia:     You know I have phobia of doctors. Just tell him that I have fever and                      cough.
Mom:  You can’t take medicines like that every time. And this new doctor doesn’t              prescribe medicines without seeing the patient.
Jia:     Then, I would prefer dying here.

*A year later on a wedding card*

Jia Weds Dr. Sushant
Tit for Tat:

Neha:     That client Rahul is giving me such nightmares with the agreement. He                  just rejects whatever I propose.
Meera:    Forget him. Somebody coming to see you tomorrow for arranged                              marriage thing?
Neha:      I don’t even know who has been called by Mom now?

*Next Day*

"Rahul Malhotra, you are so getting rejected". *Cheshire Cat Grin*

This post is written for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 6 And the theme was 55 Fiction.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Inspiring, isn't it ??


Inspiration. One of the most positive words when it comes to us writers. We find inspiration in the most common looking things and in the most routine of the circumstances. Or in most ordinary people. Real people. Not just the heroic tell-tale ones. The ones, who fell down at some points of time in their lives but didn’t give up, stood up again. I know everybody would have heard this line a million times. Sounds clich├ęd isn’t it? But still, when you see people actually following this line in the truest form, you believe that yes, there are people like these. People around us.  

Five Years Back:
She is a friend. A college friend I met in my Business school - the place where young harbor the dreams of high-flying corporate jobs. We weren’t any different. We had similar hopes too. It was just that we entered or rather we were exiting a B-school at one of the worst times. The doomed financial year of 2008-09. The one which changed the future of many companies and along with it the dreams of many B-school students who were to pass out that year. The companies were distributing pink slips and hiring was the cuss word. And that too fresh MBAs? No. Never, said most of them. The Placement Committee (of which yours truly was a part of) worked in overdrive. Calling companies one after the other. Trying to lure them to visit the school. Just a handful few paid heed to us.

It was late January. Quite late by B-school standards of getting placed. More than half of the Finance stream students were yet to be placed. A bank had shown some mercy on our school and had come for recruiting. But, that Bank was the last hope. Because after that bank, there were no companies lined up for recruitment. Group Discussions and Interviews. We gave our best. Hoped.  Prayed. Prayed hard for getting placed. But luck had different plans. We (as in me and my friend) weren’t a part of five students that were recruited that day. Sad faces loomed around. Because as I said, we didn’t have any more companies lined up.

Everybody left one by one. We were the last ones. We were sad but none of us was in a mood to say anything. Just before leaving, at the parking, she broke down. Completely. I joined too. The ‘what nexts?’ found their place in our tear laden voices. Take up marketing jobs, may be? And then, came the ‘why does God always have to do this to me’ questions. The ones for which we didn’t have any answers. She cried about her unused law degree, her lost dreams of clearing IAS exam even after slogging for years, the fact that her younger sister was well settled in her career, the fact that when she entered the best B-school of the State she had hoped that now, atleast now her career would take a better turn. I had never ever seen her like that. Broken down, totally. I don’t remember how long we cried that day in the empty, dimly lit parking lot of a place which once held high hopes for us.   

That was some other day. Today is another. And today, my friend runs multi-crore business ventures. Yes. You read it right. The same woman who had broken down in the parking lot five years back for not getting placed in a bank, today runs business ventures giving employment to many. She runs a Credit Co-operative society with eight branches all over Gujarat and Rajasthan. She runs another business of manufacturing ready-to-eat snacks and a venture in textiles. And she does it, single handedly.

Wasn’t an easy journey for her. She eventually did get placed in one of the Credit Co-operative societies from Rajasthan at a salary most of us would not have taken. She stayed in various cities of Rajasthan away from her family for a year and half surviving in that meager salary, learnt the ropes of the business, left her job and created her own Credit Co-operative society which today is giving some serious competition to the one she initially joined. And mind you, the one she joined had been established way back in the year 1999.

The woman I knew back in cold January of 2009, the woman who cried along with me for not getting placed in a bank is the woman today who is a business woman, the woman who has learnt the ropes of the trade, who knows how to deal with people. She is the woman who has made something out of herself. Inspiring. Isn’t it?  

This post is written for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 5 where we had to share an inspiring story / a personal experience that will inspire.

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