Saturday, 30 January 2016


Drawn into him
Day and night
Attraction, attention, temptation
He was mine

Insides would glow
On the sight of him
In his glorified togetherness  
I would begin to swim

Jealousy took over
When he talked about her
That he seemed happy
Was the only succour

Oh, the suffering,
This heart endured
It does take courage to love
What isn’t meant to be yours!

Written for  Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Courage

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tales of 2015

Is it the New Year already?
2015, Oh you went by in a jiffy
Dealing one day at a time
I don't know where was I so busy?

The above lines pretty much repeat the same story every year. I guess for most of us. As the calendar changes, we wonder where our year went by. That’s when we sit and count. The blessings and learnings. So here goes my review for this year.

Dear 2015,

You will always be special to me. You were a year of many firsts. Good and bad both. A year that will remain etched in my memory for the longest time. Hence this post. So that I don’t forget the details. Ever. I will look back at you will fondness and remorse both at the same time. You gave me a few things and took away a few more. Here we go.

Getting fit - The Highest High:
I have never been more fit in my life than what I have been in 2015. A first in my entire life. Fitness got inculcated in my routine and its effects showed on my body. And boy, the way it showed! Imagine achieving a target that is on your mind since forever. I picked up a workout and diet routine under correct guidance and stuck to it. Gladly. For the first time in my life, I started with a workout (Kickboxing to be precise. Learnt it from The Kickboxing Studio. Trust me, they are good) and I have loved every minute of it. This has been the only form of workout I stuck to for such a long time. Getting fitter was the highest high of the year and I hope to carry it not just in this New Year but for a lifetime.   
A new abode:
2015 gave me a new home. The one that I am loving to the bits. We shifted to our new place in April this year with sheer chaos and confusion around. I had lived all my life at one place and then one day we were suddenly leaving it. Okay, my family had planned this move but when time actually came, memories found their way of holding us back. Oh and Murphy’s Law too. A lot of things went out of control during the shifting process. We bickered. We argued. We fought. About things to be bought and places to keep those things. Nevertheless, the sweat and tears and anger was all worth it in the end. Shifting to this new place was one of the best decisions for us. As I said, I am in love with my new home. The only set back was the ‘distance’ created between some friends because of the distance between the old and the new home.  

Making peace with the past:
Some years ago, I had lost my best friend to misunderstandings. We never met all these years. 2015 created circumstances when we were face to face again. And again. And it was nothing but awkward. But things got better. We started talking again. We are still not what we were but at least we are getting back. I had an angst inside me all these years against this friend. But 2015 taught me the ability to make peace with the past. It taught me that we will never find people that are good for us in all circumstances but everyone has something good in them and we need to find that.

Blogging - A little less:
Blogging was one arena where I was slow in 2015. Somehow I didn’t blog too much this year. The only high in terms of blogging was the month of April where I completed the A to Z challenge for the second consecutive year. ‘Conversations’ was my theme for the year. And it was special. Because in most of the posts, one of the lines was the actual conversation I had with somebody. Of course, the story around it was fictionally woven to accommodate the conversation. But this challenge will always remain close to me. Other than that, I have no clue why I couldn’t blog. I hope I can take up blogging with much more gusto in the New Year.
Although, I did write for myself much more this year. Posts that didn’t go on the blog but sit comfortably in the ‘special’ folder. I don’t know if I would ever want to share them with the world. I hope I do it. Someday.

Every college group has the same story where everyone promises to stay in touch after college. You do keep in touch for a couple of months and slowly things start drifting. That is when you start realizing life is much harder than what you thought it would be in college. The phone calls get converted to missed calls you cannot pick up during meetings, the dinners are given a miss because of the travel schedules and the promises to stay in touch are fulfilled only during alumni meets. Our group was no different for five years. But something changed in 2015. We met up. Again and again and again. Spouses got added to the group and I got to know some more wonderful women. And meeting this group made me realize how much fun I had missed after college and how comfortable I can be with some people. I hope we continue to gel even more this year.  

People – Some left and some I let go:
This is the saddest part of any year. Seeing people go or letting them go. Coming to terms with their absence. Just the way you come to terms with their presence sometimes. I know it sounds clich├ęd and we have all heard it that every person comes in your life to teach you something. That kind of sounds true to me today. Some such people who taught me much more about myself than anything else.   

So, dear 2015. You have been special. In blessings. And learnings. And dear 2016, You better be good.

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