Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Soldier’s Hospital Love Story ;)

Broken I lay on the hospital bed
My brothers around me
We’ve shed blood together for our motherland
Some with broken ribs and legs, others with broken hands

Doctors, nurses rushing all around
Sub-conscious me on the bed I am bound
Numbness all over, or is it the pain
When would I get up and fight those enemies again

Hands over me I can feel
Moved from bed, stretchers they reel
Masked I lay
Oblivion, it seems so grey

Sun rays in my eyes, it seems
To open them, some struggle I have to deal
Covered in bandages
Have I slept since ages?

Dressed in white,
My condition to doctor she recites
Routine it becomes
Every day for nursing me she goes and comes

My brokenness recuperates
Warmth for her within me enumerates
Though coldness in her eyes at times I see
Whenever the wound on my head she comes to clean

Slowly I rise on my feet again
My lost confidence I seem to gain
Small walks around the hospital I take
Hearing her giggle, my legs give themselves a break

Somebody says, Bed no. 35 is hot, isn’t he?
Oh, well I think that’s me!!
Curious, I am all ears
Hearing her, my heart almost tears

Oh, not at all
I hate that unclean stubble of his
So her coldness is now not anymore a suspense
Ah, my beard, it had become so dense

Routinely, she comes to check me
Surprise in her eyes I can see
My clean shaven look bowled her over
Affection in her hands, now she showers

Her fingers on my chin feel so soft
My spirit instantly now aloft
Sparks all-around of our Chemistry
Seems, this Soldier’s hospital love story is going down in history ;) ;)

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

As the year goes by !!

Image Source: Obviously Google ;)
As the last few evenings of this year pass by
Reels of the past year swim through my eyes

The year that began with promises and new hope
The ones that I made when high on hope’s dope

Life swinging between extremes
Averageness, my life’s this year didn’t see
Lurking between bests and the worsts
There were some sad lasts and a few newborn firsts

Resolutions half done
Achieved a few, forgotten some

Nights when I cried myself to sleep
Attempts to understand life, oh so deep
Philosophers I could put to shame,
What mattered, who didn’t, for my miseries who was to be blamed

Writing journey this year I began
Shedding inhibitions, making blogger friends
Support in this new endeavor pouring from all ends

Health scares waking me up one fine day
Importance of it understood the harder way

When professional life seemed to be messy
There were friends who stood by like life’s blessings

Lost a best friend for life
Misunderstandings cutting relationships slowly like a blunt knife

Unnecessary Ego went for a toss
But not before creating a huge void, a magnanimous loss

Maturity I think, seeped my head a little
Breaking some notions, oh so brittle

Futile attempts to save a few close relations
The ones that made life come almost to stagnation

A handful of new friends garnered on the way
That made life bearable on harsh sunny days

Tried to be a better daughter, sister and human being
But couldn’t match the standards I set in the beginning

As another year goes by
Life slips like sand, unstoppable, however hard you try
So much had to be done
So much to be achieved, so much to be won
Regrets, Remorse of things undone
Sprinkled with a few happy moments in the year long run

As this year closes its shop
I stand again looking at horizon
Holding hope’s little fingers again
2014 - You better be a happy one

Friday, 27 December 2013

Gift wrapping a Future Country for my Child !!

I am just another citizen of this country. Yes, the kind who sees the sorry state of affairs of this land, cribs about it, laments at the condition and may be even write about it at times ranting about the happenings around. And just like my fellow Indians, I am cynical. I am cynical about the future of this country. I too worry at times about where would all this stop and how far could the condition deteriorate more.

But, yes, I do dream. Dream about positives. Dream about things getting better. Sensing hope with change in some political movements happening in the country. Feel proud when ‘mango people’ get acknowledged for their efforts.
And one of the dreams of this just another citizen of this country is a dream where some small changes happening in the country, may be, may be would lead to bigger modifications being brought in the political, economic and social  scenario of my country. May be we could be living in a better place.

A country which has fought its battles, a country which has at times been wounded, at times even lost but gradually it has become a country which has not only survived but also emerged victorious defeating the very enemies of its existence. It is such a country that I would want to gift to my child for his/her secure future.

A country free from clichés of Gender based roles: No matter how modern this country grows, no matter how much development takes place, the clichés of gender based roles still remain. It was the same when my mother was a child, it was the same when I was a child. But I hope, whenever my child comes to this world, the situation would have bettered. I wish I could gift my child a country where gender parity exists. I wish my child would not be judged on the basis of his/her sex but on the basis of his/her capabilities as a person. I wish my daughter would be able to guilt-freely handle her multinational company position and my son would not be critiqued as being hen-pecked for helping his wife in the kitchen. Ah, I so wish.

A country which is a Safe Haven: As I told you earlier, yes I have ranted about it before on this blog. But trust me, even writing about the current safety conditions of women in the country seems to be such a mocking exercise at our own self. It’s as if we have become so accustomed to hearing about these incidents these days that any new incident hardly hogs some corner space in newspapers and some quick rumbling by news anchors, leave aside the possibility of it creating some stir within our souls. I sincerely wish my child doesn’t have to see or go through this phase. I wish I could gift my child a country where safety is not a luxury available to few. I wish my girl would never have to worry about her safety while moving to another city or while coming back from her office late at night. I wish my son takes the safety of women around him as his own moral responsibility. I wish just like my wishes for my children, others too would have wished the same and would have molded their children accordingly. I so wish.

A country free from Pollution and Adulteration: Yes we all know about the effect pollution has on us. Yes it is dangerous. But, hazards of industrial pollution? What about the threat the improperly disposed bio-medical waste poses for your health? You don’t even have an ounce of idea about the ghastly effect the pollutants being emitted from those factories have on your body systems. And adulteration. The shocking truths rather not be told here. Because I know, you have read about it earlier, here and there. Because I know you would skim through this paragraph if I rant about it more. But being a part of machinery that deals with these day in and day out as a part of my job makes me worry more. And hence, I wish I could gift my child a country which has its pollution checks under control and adulteration be a word unheard of. I wish my child doesn’t have to inhale those hazardous emissions and would be able to have food that doesn’t reek of adulteration. Yes, I so wish.  

A country sans the Scams: I know I know looking at the current scenario, it seems impossible. I know there are thousands, big and small ones, going on right this very minute. But still I wish. I wish I could gift my child a country free of scams and corruption. I wish he reads about the gory details of scams and corruption in history books. I wish my child is able to trust the people who run his country and believes that they are doing his good and not only their own. I pray that he isn’t cynical like me about the future of the nation and has the flame of hope about the bright future of the nation always alive within him. Oh yes, I so wish.

A country discriminative against Discriminators: Discrimination on the basis of religion as well as promoting people from your own caste, we have seen it all. Communal lobbies exist in all walks of life, be it society, politics or your work life. I wish my child never sees them, rest alone faces them. I wish I could gift my child a country where he is judged, promoted or otherwise only and only on the basis of his mettle as a person and not just because he belongs or doesn’t belong to a particular section of society. I wish I could gift him a country where he is never asked to quote his surname for showcasing his abilities. Yep, I so so wish.

So, these are few wishful wishes for the secure future of my future child. They are here because I believe that if my country’s future is safe, my child’s future would be secured too.

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Some Precious Gifts !!

It is said that our bodies are made up of five elements. Panchabhuta as they are called. I read somewhere that the cosmic quest of the universe and beyond begins with Panchabhuta elements that ultimately manifest in an enjoining method forming life force. These five elements are Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and Sky or Akasha. Each of these five elements has its own character and each stands for a certain unique characteristic.

So when BlogAdda gave me a chance to think about the gifts I would like to gift my Child for a secure future, I thought, could I not gift him/her the precise qualities of these elements. Well, so, here goes the list of gifts for my future child.

 I wish I could gift you the stability of Earth
Abundance you ride, never the dearth
Nurture one, nurture everything all
Oh my Child, may you always grow tall

Wish I could gift you the fluidity of Water
May you shape yourself, situations whatever
Wish you to be that elixir, one that is most sought after
Converting people’s sorrows into peals of laughter

I wish I could gift you the passion of Fire
May you hold on, no matter circumstances howsoever dire
Hope you would destroy evil outside and within you
Would stand up always for whatever is true

My Child, I wish I could gift you the power of Air
May you have the ability to blow away unhappiness, worries and despair
Inevitable you be for happiness of everyone around
Well wishes for others in your heart may always be found

I wish I could gift you the limitlessness of Sky
May you succeed always and forever soar high
From within, may you emanate a heavenly radiance
Brightening lives around with your mere presence

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Monday, 23 December 2013

My Friendship Diary

Nostalgia today I feel
Thinking how were we, how have we been?
Down the memory lane let me take you
Recounting all those times which are afresh as dew
Remember the day we met
Not even knowing what friendship meant
In nursery school with cute little uniforms
So unaware we were about worldly norms
Pink lunch boxes matched
Who thought that warm friendship it would hatch
Together we played
Together we stayed
Alphabets we learned
For meeting each other, at homes we yearned
So fond of each other we grew
Do you remember, we talked to others so very few
Dance we learned as seven year olds
Our bond shinning like pure gold
Mom’s lipsticks we applied at ten
Yes, hiding inside our secret little den
Remember, that brat of the colony we fought
For pushing you, lesson he was taught
Conjoined twins we were called at school
Oh, wasn’t that so cool?
Algebra, me you taught
Remember, how it made me fraught
History you never remembered
New ways of memorizing it, we found together
As the sweetness of sixteen arrived
Gazing at those boys, plans we devised
Nervous as wreck, on the first date you went
My short black dress to you I had lent
Butterflies in stomachs collective we dealt
Mushiness of first love together we felt
Cried my eyes out together with you
The day that jerk broke your heart leaving you blue
You never know but I went and punched his face
How funny he looked with his jaw displaced
Clearing board exams, together we burned midnight oils
To memorize the answers, remember how hard we toiled
How could I forget on my fewer marks more than me you had cried
In those dark days, you were always by my side
You gave up the best college for me
So that together we could be
The college wouldn’t have been so much fun
Without you and your humorous puns
Elocutions, debates, and plays we took part
Always a team, never ever apart
I know you pushed me towards that college hunk
Making me meet him and letting lectures bunk
Proxy on my behalf you signed
Remember, when caught, how you were fined
Chocolates we hogged the day before
Preparing for interview, weren’t our eyes so sore
Nervousness on the day of placement results
How panicky we were, not at all behaving like adults
Happy tears brimmed seeing you bag the best job
But it pained to think that a new city you would now hop
Entire station saw when we hugged and cried
I felt as if from me you were being untied
Phone bills increased as we talked into the night
From jobs, to bosses to beautiful city lights
The joy of our first salaries, together we celebrated
But not being with each other made this joy a little abated
Remember the time I visited you
And there we went again sticking to each other like glue
Poor your boyfriend feeling so lost without you
Years it’s been since this city you left
But living without each other is an art we shall never be adept
Our friendship and bond grows stronger every day
I hope, I pray we continue to be together life’s every single day
Sometimes I think, is there a name to this bond
How can we be each other so very fond
Ah, yes I know what is it called
It’s two bodies and one soul
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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Gifts : Haiku

Myriad experiences
Emotions unnamed felt
Gift of Life
Image Source: Google


Hidden treasures
Wrapped in beautiful colours
Smile twinkling in those eyes
Image Source: Google

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And there goes the Chance !!

‘Are you sure this is a good idea? We don’t have much information about their strengths you see.’

‘So what, Neo. We have to survey, Remember? We have to know every detail. And how do you think we would be able to do it if we don’t go and live with them.’

‘So you are sure, you are going to live with that man, Ree?’

‘Yes. Pretty much sure.’


‘Ree, what happened to you? Are you ok? Why are you back so soon? Are you sure you have enough information in such a short time.’

*Gasps for breath*

‘Feeling better’ – says Ree after some time

‘So, why did you come so soon?’

‘Neo, coming here was a bad idea. That thing made me so nauseous.’

‘Which thing? What are you talking about Ree?’

'How I hate that smelly stubble of that human. Yuckkk it was. The sweat dripping from his beard, the food particles stuck somewhere, the smell it emanated. Eeew.. You can’t even imagine how eerie it was for me.'

‘Oh, sounds pretty disgusting. Do you think others would be able to handle it? How about our masks? Won’t they protect us against that smell?’

‘Nooo.. They won’t. It doesn’t seem to be a good place for extending friendship Neo. Their smelly stubbles are impossible to handle. I think we should be going somewhere else. We are leaving right now. Let’s make a move.’

‘Ah, okay. As you say. It seemed to be a good planet. I loved the myriad display of
Image Source: Google
emotions here. Had it not been for those smelly stubbles, Earth and Mars would have signed a friendship pact soon.’ – said Neo with disappointment written over his face.


*And there went Earth’s chance of befriending Mars. All because of some smelly stubbles. Urgghhh*

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Dear CC

My Dear CC,

I somehow feel very nostalgic today. It’s been years since we have been together and you know we have been sticking to each other like conjoined twins. Never letting go off each other, enjoying each other’s company and loving each other like truest of lovers.  

Do you remember the year 2009, CC? Ah, how would you? You were not in my life then. But let me tell you a little story. Year 2009 spelled doom for financial sectors across the world. And why just financial sector, it spelled doom for countries, leave aside a particular sector. Two years before that, a starry-eyed girl topping the entrance test tried to catch hold of her post graduate degree dreams.

Little did she know, that by the time she would be about to get hold of her management degree, the universe would have conspired against her dreams of strutting around in business suits with crisp make up, holding interesting meetings with clients, knocking down strategies of competitors, having business lunches and flying to different cities cracking deals for her multinational. Lest she knew, that two years down the line, she would be wearing some of the most humble attires, having conversations with fed up clients, getting knocked down by bosses, having lunch with same old colleagues and most of all, hopping from one city to another every single day but not by some comfortable airline but inside a jam packed, worn out state transport buses.

Yes, the year 2009 gave a 3600 turn to my life made a sarkari babu (government officer) out of me with the office located in another city so far away that the most convenient way to reach there was in those buses (no matter how uncomfortable they were).

The hardest part of the travel ranged from being bored to death during the one and half hours long journey, the damage to my eardrums from the noise of those worn out buses, the headache caused because of the constant chatter of passengers around and not to forget the trouble to my legs due to lack of seats.

Three months into my job, I came home complaining my tiresome journey every day. I don’t know whether it was my cribbing or something else but one fine tiring and boring journey later when I reached home, you awaited me. Yes, CC, you came into my life then. My parents made me meet you. I fell in love with you the very instant. I know you did too.

From that day onwards, you became my Constant Companion, my CC. The bored-to-death syndrome was replaced with entertained-to-the-hilt syndrome every single day. With you, I would either be finding out how Ted Mosby’s children got to know about their father’s rather loongggg love story of finding their Mother or I would be lost in the craziness of Chandler Bing and gang.

And CC, don’t you remember, the times when I had exhausted my quota for these shows, some or the other e-book would have found its way with us. Isn’t it? If I was not in a mood to have a book date, I would relieve my stress of going to work everyday by killing some goons in the game of FLV Commando or Crushing some candies :P:P Yeah, yeah I know it was too much for you.

CC, do you remember how proud I was to have you when I showed you around in my bus. Yes, the so called bus that we took everyday brimmed with employees whose average age surpassed forties and whose only form of entertainment was gossiping and poking noses in somebody else’s business which included some very grave concerns about how much I earned, details about my family, why wasn’t I married yet, where did I get my new kurti from and why did I get down at a stop earlier than my usual. The never-be-rude syndrome in me made me answer those uncomfortable questions cringingly. But that was before you.

You came to my rescue like a knight in shining armor protecting me from the volley of those uncomfortable questions making me oblivious to my over friendly passengers.

I know CC, I am somewhat forgetful. Being a writer, it makes things even worse. Coz I used to constantly observe and write things in my head; whilst forgetting half of them while they actually got implemented on paper. But that was also before you CC. You understood this facet of mine and that’s why you were always there with me. You became the place where I poured my thoughts just as they came about in my head; which not only included the time while I traveled but also my office desk, my actual writing table and most importantly near my pillow at night.

Do you know CC that the times have changed so much and sarkari naukri (government job) no longer means aaram ki jindagi. (comfortable life) Which meant more work and more deadlines. (Yes, I know it’s kind of an earth shattering truth but it is) Do you remember, those hard times when I read those long and arduous agreements while I traveled. You wouldn’t believe but I made some gruesome notes and presentations with you in those ghastly buses.

I am getting emotional now CC. You have been truly been my constant companion helping me tread through thick and thin. Whether it was by keeping me entertained or by allowing me follow my passion and even letting me work. You were truly a soul mate, CC.

But CC, today we need to talk. I know it would be hard for you to listen what I am about to say now. But CC, I don’t have a choice. Times change and so do people. I have changed too. My needs have changed too. You were there with me CC, but I need more now. Yes, call me selfish, but I can’t help it.

You have grown old dear. You don’t look as stunning as you looked earlier. You have been hanging up on me quite a few times recently and I just can’t take it anymore, love. And besides, my needs, well, they are increasing CC. I need more out of you which you haven’t been able to give off late. Its hard for me to say this love, but I will have to let go off you dear.

Oh, I know you might be thinking if I have somebody else in my life. I have to confess CC. Yes, I have found somebody else. Yes, I am swallowing hard while I say this but she is better, much better than you.

Now don’t weep CC. You had your days. My new one, oh, she is stunning. Sleek and beautiful. And do you know the best thing about her. She is multi-mode.  

With her around, I know I would be able to read so many books and browse those wonderful blogs with so much ease. You know why CC? That’s because it can eliminate twisting force and create comfortable one-handed holding with its unique battery cylinder. And do you remember how crazy I am about having video chats with my little niece Tyra, I would be able to do that so more often with its unique kickstand which would let me enjoy the comfort of a hands-free viewing experience. And how can I forget my passion for writing. I know I would be able to do that easily now since its battery cylinder provides the perfect angle for touch interaction.

So CC, I guess that’s the end of our relationship. Yes, I have my eyes on somebody else. Ah, how brilliant she is. Oh, I know you would want to know her name. So here it is. She is the Lenovo YOGA Tablet. Wish me a happy life with her.

Once yours, now hers,

Ardent Tablet Lover

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