Sunday, 24 July 2016

I am my Heartbreaks

I am a collection of my heartbreaks. There is no single tragedy that has been strong enough to break me. It has been a series. Persistent and deep. One after another. Each one different from its predecessor. Each one teaching a harsher lesson than the earlier. Each one burying me deeper in my own self. Each one teaching me about my own strengths.
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There was no pattern in this series of heartbreaks. Nothing was consistent. Except Me. I was the pattern and I was the one consistent.

I played it with all my heart. Every single time. There is nothing called moderate in my dictionary. The passion that can scare even my own self. Still I do not learn. Still I do not relent.

Heartbreaks. Where each one longed to be my last. Because it's the last one that gets the credit of breaking a person, isn't it? But there is room for more within me. There will always be room within me.

I am a collection of my heartbreaks. I stand drawing collective strength from my heartbreaks. I am my heartbreaks.


  1. oh thats a heart breaking post...
    hope the last one really is the last :)

  2. And when you find love, you will be a collection of all that love too.


  3. Oh I loved it! How it just speaks what I am feeling inside right now! But the voice is framed in such powerful words. Kudos!

  4. Loved reading you after so long Jytosna :) And this piece was poignant!


  5. I am a champion at it and we love with so much passion, isn't it, Jyotsna?! But, it teaches us so much and don't worry, you'll come out stronger.

  6. Couldn't agree more.. I am a collection of my heartbreaks too

    xoxo - C
    Style.. A Pastiche!

  7. i am sure this write up is the last break after the heart breaks... there is ....more of your self - " ees break ke baad"


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