Monday, 15 August 2016

Cigarette Memories

Night sky burning with my vulnerabilities
I see my being rising up in flares
Slow at first
And then it sets ablaze
As I inhale 
Your words that meant a lot
And my naivety as an afterthought

The smoke of our moments inside my mouth
I clench them together
Till my eyes begin to sting
And mist begins to form in their crevice
As I try, I try
To imprison the hazy memories inside my lungs
They smolder me incapable
To breathe, to exist

A bond that ‘once’ was
Begins to seethe
And I choke on my gullibility
And your latent abilities

While I finally release you from me
Trailing behind is the ashen taste
Of bluntness that could nip associations

A bond that was envy of the town
Which now
Has slowly died a slow death

How I wish
Terminal worries too could be exhaled in thin air
Right there one moment
Becoming invisible the next one

A bond that was an intoxication
Left behind a bitter aftertaste
That scuffled with other senses
Blinding, effacing, burning
A ‘me’ a ‘you’ and maybe an ‘us’ too!


  1. Gripping...I could feel the pain of the protagonist.

    This will definitely impact 'passive smokers' as well, if you know what I mean :)


    Do drop by mine. I blog at

  2. ashen taste of bluntness... like that!

  3. "Till my eyes begin to sting / And mist begins to form in their crevice" exquisite, deep and moving...

  4. The metaphor of smoking and a relationships is so apt... many great turns in your poem.

  5. I have known that intoxication and bitter aftertaste. You have described it well.

  6. This certainly reminds me of what smokining was like, well done.

  7. Wonderful metaphor... I think :)

  8. "naivety as an afterthought" and "I choke on my gullibility" are two phrases of beauty that also imply guilt. I think there should be no guilt in this grief, none at all.

  9. How beautifully descriptive this poem is. Let's hope that former affair does not haunt you later on and really hurt you.

  10. Too bad in the ending but perhaps it's better that there is no "us" ~ Good to see you at OpenLinkNight ~


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