Wednesday, 15 May 2013


L-I-F-E… A mystery, an enigma;
You cannot solve, you won’t understand;
You cannot offend, you just defend !!

A new twist, a new turn, brings fun;
Or sometimes, anger & disgust making insides burn..

The more you try to explore, the more you are lost;
Coz, at times, you forget that it's You who is the guest and Life is your Host..

At times, it’s beautiful, every moment you live;
You are happy, though your prized possessions to others you might give..

Sometimes it’s an ordeal making you feel attacked;
And you want to snatch everything you've given back..

Life takes you at the crossroads, you do not know where to go;
Unable to make choices, swinging from options to and fro..

Receiving support from your loved ones and friends;
You hope that they continue to walk alongside a road that never ends..

Yet this life, one day would come to an end;
And then, You no longer have to fight, you no longer have to defend !!


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