Thursday, 5 May 2016


A silence
That looms between us
Hanging around like summer air
Hot, humid and stifling
Relationship or not
Illicit or what
Melancholy hanging in the air
Hot, humid and stifling
I taste smoke on your lips
As your hands trace my silhouette
The silence still
Hot, humid and stifling
A joke here, a nugget there
The new music you heard
A good book that I read
A steely silence thereafter
Hot, humid and stifling
I seek the reasons of our togetherness
All I hear is silence still
Hanging around us
Like a dull ache

Hot, humid and stifling 


  1. Eerie. Sometimes the silence screams. This poem is a melancholic beauty.

  2. Breath taking and compelling:)

  3. Back here after a really long time and to such a wonderful poignant piece!

    Beautiful flow of words that break the heart.

  4. Silence is not golden all the times... contemplative poem... :-)

  5. Powerful!- Hot,humid and stifling...

  6. I love the silence "hanging around like summer air". Great line! And then the "dull ache." I have known that silence, it speaks volumes and is painful to live through.

  7. An amazingly wonderful atmosphere has been created in your poem!
    Loved the refrain 'hot, humid and stifling' imparts so much depth.

    And yes, a great intro too!

  8. I think there is a reason why a prefer cool summers... thank you for confirming.


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