Monday, 19 March 2018

Every time you leave

Every time you leave
I start counting backwards
Holding my breath
And your memories
For the time when I will again
Hold you in my eyes
And be held in your arms

Every time you leave
I get engulfed
In an arid sadness
And dizzying loneliness
That only gets cured
After getting inked 
With your smoky lips
And warm embrace

Because whenever you leave
You take a part of me
Leaving your bits
And slow and gradual
I am
Not me anymore
But a reflection
Of nothing


  1. The poem reflects love and passion, longing for the lover with a brush of momentary sadness.

  2. They grow on you..then they infest you
    ..And then they leave you addicted to the pain.

    Beautiful poem Jyotsna.

    Do drop by mine.


  3. Superb expression of a loving heart. Very nicely said.
    Your expression is true to your profile. Perpetual Dreamer. Perennial optimist.
    Love is born of dreams. Love flows thru dreams.
    All best wishes! ... Harish Dave.


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