Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Horrendous Sunday Night...!!

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I sit here in a grumpy mood
As if the next day is to be doomed;
You probably guessed it right
Yes, I am talking about the horrendous Sunday night…!

Flashes of the past two days swim through my eyes
They were days of fun, frolic and high-fives;
The revelry started all by the Friday night
And end the Sunday evening with a fright…!

Is there something called a holiday hangover
If so, I get it every weekend over and over;
Haven’t yet found any ‘lemonade’ to help me calm down
As I stare at Monday with a nasty frown…!

I see the clock tick away time  
As each moment brings be closer to facing morning blues and rhymes;
This Sunday night wears me down
Pushing me to the brink of yet another mini-nervous breakdown…!

The next morning looks to me so bleak
As I almost drag myself into yet another week;
Yeah, it’s time for those five days to pour the suffering
Fighting my way out of the never ending problems, politics and troublings…!

Savoring every moment of this Sunday evening
Every passing minute so fiercely I cling;
I see yet another weekend coming to an end
And my mind starts pining hopes on the upcoming weekend…!


  1. An enjoyable piece of poetry . I thoroughly relished it :)

  2. Aha! A feeling most of us can relate to.

    1. Sadly yes :( And there goes my one more Sunday :(

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you !! Poured my heart out .. My blissful Sunday slipping out of my hands :'(

  4. reminds me of school days and then a college break and then corporate slavery ..has life changed even a bit since we were school kids ? I was among those who would almost dislike Sunday evenings during school days .. and fridays were the best .. everything remained same as a corporate slave .. :D
    All the salves like me will cherish the pain you have so nicely expressed and trust me being a budding doodler.. I would say have justified the toon 100 percent through your creativity !!

    1. I agree the drudgery has not changed a bit since school.. :( Thank you for your kind words and glad you could also relate to what i have written.. Guess, most of the working professionals would be able to relate to the misery of Sunday evenings ...


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