Thursday, 1 August 2013

Super Woman… Who??

Super Woman – off late I have been hearing this tag quite often. I was watching a certain reality show, whereby a celebrity wife was called a ‘Superwoman’ by her ‘celebrity because of marrying a celebrity’ husband. He praised her abilities to manage things so wonderfully and balance things with such ease and poise. The way she took care of her own career and family responsibilities, she was a super mom, super wife, super daughter, super person blah blah blah... Good enough. 
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But I found it a little humorous. I mean, of course I don’t know that celebrity personally; but at the end of the day, she is a celebrity with amazing amounts of moolah at her disposal.  Not to forget, the riches of her husband. She is in glamour world and we all know how lavish their lives are. I wondered what ‘managing’ would these celebrity ‘superwomen’ be doing. I mean, they have this huge army of people who manage their lives; right from their secretaries, to dietitians  to fitness experts, to beauty experts, to hairstylists, cooks, drivers, astrology guiders, to nannies for their children.. phewww.. I mean with such a large battalion at disposal for each and every task, what kind of ‘managing’ would these celebrity superwomen be doing actually? Well, may be they ‘manage; to order their troops for whatever they want to look like, for whatever they want to eat, may be they ‘manage’ to order their children’s nannies to pick their children from schools in a particular coloured car.. :| Well, maybe that’s what they call ‘managing’.

Okay, okay I know I am sounding like anti-celebrity or something. But let me tell you I am not. All I mean here is that when you have so many resources at your disposal; you obviously tend to ‘manage’ things better. Gosssh, how many times have I managed to use the word ‘manage.’ Anyways, the point here is, who would you call a ‘superwoman’?

Would you call a woman as ‘superwoman’ who struggles with time everyday to meet her professional and personal commitments? Those thousands of working women who wake up early to pack lunches for their children and husbands, who rush around the mad house in the morning trying to make their children reach school buses and then catching trains & buses themselves to reach their offices. Offices – places where they might still be struggling to prove their mettle compared to their male counterparts, where possibly she would be taunted for taking those extra leaves which she might have taken to tend to her sick children, a place where the so called glass ceiling does exist but everyone out there is just trying to push it under the carpet.

The same woman is worried about what would she cook in the evening and shops for the necessities while returning from office. A woman who would be equally tired when she reaches home, but still manages to help children with their homework and run the remaining errands. The same woman's weekends are even more hectic with all the pending work at her disposal. Yet, she does all of this jugglery to keep the family going. And yet at the fag-end of the day, somewhere inside her, she nurtures a guilt within that she cannot make enough time for all the things she wants to do for her family.  And of course, not to forget those scores of ‘housewives’ (as they are called) for their unwavering dedication and non-stop efforts for running a house. Now that’s what I would call a ‘superwoman’. Would you?

Look around, we all have such ‘superwomen’ around us who struggle in their own ways to keep us going.  Appreciate them. Appreciate their struggle, their efforts, their small endeavors.

Next time, you think your mom doesn't cook delicacies every day, just try and remember the struggle she puts up even for the most routine work. Next time, you think your wife isn't able to give enough time to you, have a look at the hard work she puts in to make her home look good or the help she extends to the children with their smallest of the small errands.

Why is it that we need a Woman’s day to celebrate the beauty, the enigma, the struggle and the efforts of a woman? This post thus comes at the oddest time and away from the so called single day dedicated to celebrating womanhood.

Go ahead, tell the woman in your life, be it your mom, your wife, your girlfriend or your bhabhi that she is a superwoman and you appreciate the struggle she puts through for making your life a little easier. Do it and I am sure, you would not mind seeing her beaming from ear to ear. Not much effort for what she puts in. Isn't it?


  1. Ordinary women - working and managing family are superwomen. Well as far as celebrities are concerned, they can call themselves anything they like...


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