Friday, 2 May 2014

Manali !!

Thousands pass by everyday
Some days are special though
When some beautiful people enter our lives
And then from our hearts they never go

Dusty bus journey across the city
I hated taking it every time
May be God had on me some pity
And you came and sat on my right

And thus began a bond
That grew every single day
Of each other we became so very fond
It bored me to death whenever you were away

Chatterbox you’ve made out of me
Mythology to movies, from books to boyfriends
Blabbering away we
Non-stop for hours without ends

Every character of each other’s life we know
How good they have been
And how wicked they could go

Been with each other
In times good and bad
Pulled each other up when we were sad

Advice we’ve followed of each other every time
Whether handling some trouble
Or buying that make-up kit last time

A new path you are taking today
And I wish nothing but love and happiness
To come your way

My bus journeys shall be bland without you
Manali, missed shall be you
Coz friends like you in life are so very few…!!

This poem is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the friendship I share with this beautiful and vivacious woman who has made my bus journeys totally worth it. She is getting married today and I am still to come terms to the fact of not meeting her everyday. 

Manali, this one is just a small gift for you on this special day. Lots of love.. !! 


  1. This beautiful poem is a wonderful and apt gift to Ms.Manali on her wedding day

  2. It is the best ever gift for your friend ..:-) wonderfully woven

  3. How sweet! I guess I saw her pic today on WhatsApp?

    1. Yeah babes, you guessed it correct. Thats her :)

  4. What Manali is to you...Ashima is to me. She made my Auto journeys in school worthwhile :D
    This was beautiful.

    1. Aww.. Some women make our lives so easy isn't it, Red? Thank you dear for the 'beautiful' :)

  5. A beautifully composed poem for a friend's wedding.
    Jyotsna, I have nominated you for the prestigious Liebstar Award. Kindly check my post on this subject. Thanks.

    1. Glad you liked this Usha Ma'am. And thank you so much for the Liebster :)

  6. This is such a beautiful tale of friendship, lovely :-)

  7. Ah this reminded me of Priya, my best friend! Beautiful this was :)

    1. Aww.. Thanks Soumya. Glad you could connect :)

  8. A beautiful poem for your friend.

  9. what a lovely poem on friendship .. beautifullllllll


  10. What a lovely, loving and touching gesture towards your friend. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks a lot Stephanie. Glad to have you here again :)


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