Monday, 9 February 2015

Awaiting its end

trapped, caged
locked up and enslaved
 in societal precincts
of do's and don’ts
of can't and you won't
vivid dreams
now buried
in gray tombstones
zest to live
cut abrupt
like an umbilical cord
existence mere so deplored
awaiting its end
to cruelty
of bitter life
and devastating loneliness
of hollow society
and vain judgments
yes, death seems prettier
than being
trapped and caged
locked up and enslaved


  1. What a strong write here. You made us consider that there MAY be some times that death would be preferable. Sadly, I can believe this could be true.

  2. Yes, this is very powerful and I know in many places on the globe, life is like this for so many. Hard to hold onto strength and hope in such conditions.

  3. we are only as trapped and enslaved as we allow...
    and what we are willing to give up...
    to be free

  4. Excellent capture of the experience!

  5. I think we like to think so... yet I think I would always choose to live.. humans tend to always prefer that. But caged is never pretty.

  6. Excellent writeup for the attached imagery, Jyotsna :)

  7. Getting trapped is the biggest bane. Told with power:)

  8. cool piece - sounds good out loud!

  9. I hope we can imagine and create other choices for exiting the cage than death! But I know what you mean, and as a metaphor, this totally works for me.

  10. When the choice is between cages we often pick the largest.

  11. wowo! that was deep and I agree, a life of enslavement and bitterness makes death seem b'ful.


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