Monday, 17 April 2017

'In between'

This period of being ‘in between’ things. The upcoming ironical goodbyes that will be happy and sad at the same time, the shortly due new hellos, the fear and the excitement of beginning afresh somewhere, the zeal and exhaustion that comes at the same time at the thought of proving yourself once again, the new boundaries that you will set and the ones that will be set for you, the chanting that you have been doing to yourself. Saying again and again that the decisions you’ve taken are the right ones, that you haven’t gotten a raw deal. Although its only time that will tell if the chants have proven themselves correct or you have learnt things the harder way once again.

This ‘in between’ feeling. The feeling of being unmoored, unhinged.


  1. It is always tough that in between feeling :(

  2. Better to be in between than to be out of the mix :p

  3. Beautifully weaved. It often happens to me and it's quite a turmoil.

    1. Thanks Vishal. Its a very 'unsettling' feeling, isnt it??

  4. Its the pause between 2 pieces of noise that you could focus. Create a space out of that silence, and than allow...unmoored thoughts to visit you... Unhinged existence to envelope you.... Enjoy the music, jyostna.

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