Friday, 7 July 2017

Muffled voices

The emptiness doesn’t haunt too much. The noise is not that loud. It’s muffled now. There are other voices that are louder than that noise. The voices that have my attention. Maybe I am deliberately not hearing the noise? Trying to push it below practical things. Work to be finished, lists to be made, payments to be scheduled, things to be purchased and packed.

The voices of all things mundane, of things that would occur at intervals and of things that will happen once in a lifetime – they seem to be helping me push the noise deeper so it’s more and more muffled.

But then, why does an image keep playing in front of my eyes. Image of myself as a child hiding the remains of an expensive crockery I broke under the carpet so that no one would notice them. Those pieces hurt later – to others and to me. What I forgot as a child was that hidden, broken pieces hurt the sole. Am I forgetting the same thing as an adult? Am I forgetting that hidden, broken pieces might hurt again? They might hurt the ‘soul’.


  1. Your excellent analogy is both thought-provoking and disturbing. Often, the little nightmares of our childhood pan out to fill the motion picture of our life in high definition.

  2. Whoa, wow.
    That's a very deep thought and well brilliantly written, as always.

  3. That's a beautiful perception. There are things we need to accept about ourselves, our mistakes and flaws, which otherwise might hurt us and our environment alike. Nice read. :)


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