Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ah, you weather !!

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We writers always take the weather so personally. We take cues from it. As if the weather is trying to talk. To us alone. Trying to convey something not heard by others who are incapable of reading its mystic language. Like the naughty eyes of a secret lover amidst a thick crowd that is totally unaware of the electric chemistry between them.

The sudden change from a supposedly hot March day to a cold July day. Like a woman with wild mood swings. Anger gathering up one moment and smile spreading her face another moment. Air washed in the smell of rain and hope and happiness too, caressing your skin like the lips of a first time lover – slow, cold, sensual – sending ripples through the body, engulfing you like the arms of an old sweetheart, making your tresses go wild and unruly, like the real you, atmosphere pregnant with the ecstatic thoughts of your first kiss. 

Spring blooming like your favourite perfume. You don’t want the perfectly cool breeze to stop like the time when you pushed your lover's hand from going at untoward places secretly hoping he wouldn’t let go seeing your mock anger.   

The heat of a May afternoon. Cruel. Sun in its full glory. As if it is his right to make people suffer. Mocking from far away. It's acidic laughter ringing in ears. Like that cruel magician in that circus who you thought cut the poor man in two halves. Sun burning holes in your skin like the time when that magician ran the thick axe into his body. Your dilemma as a four year old as to why was it amusing to others around you. Couldn’t they feel the pain of that half-cut man?       

The last week of June. With clouds scattered all over you, forming intricate patterns amongst themselves. Open to interpretation like a woman's advances. Trying to cover the sun. Like that old charm that your grandmother tied around your arm to shield you against the evil eye.

The drizzle of a July morning. Reminding you of the butterflies in your stomach
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on seeing your lover's name on your phone. The sound of drizzle like that of sweet nothings in your ears. Hide and seek of the sun with the clouds, like the one you played with your siblings in the farms when winning a game of hide and seek was the ultimate victory, enough to keep you smiling for days together. 

And then the downpour. Making everything around you opaque for a while. As if trying to convey about the loneliness of life, about the fact that this journey is yours and yours alone. That you would have companions but the journey would be yours. Stillness and fury unleashed at the same time. Of life and its cruelties.

Trees shedding their leaves in autumn. Like a woman suddenly aware of her sensuality, shedding her inhibitions one by one.  

Sun on a cold November morning making you feel warm from inside. Like the first sip of vodka. Like everything is alright in life. Or atleast will be. Very soon. The feeling of contentment.  Serenity settling in your bloodstream. Like the time when you saw that everybody you love was happy. Wanting the status quo to remain forever. Like the rainbows you see when you close your eyes with sun peering in on them. Colours of happiness and warmth all around.

And what about the foggy December days. Cold and lonely. The way you felt heavy with melancholy of the first breakup that was long ago. Like a broken bone, which though healed still pains. Sometimes. 

So many emotions, so many thoughts, ups and downs equivalent to a roller coaster ride. Ah, we writers ! We take this weather so so personally. While for others it's just change of seasons. How I wish they knew, how much they are missing what the weather is trying to say. Sigh!  


  1. Loved this post :-)

    I'm reminded of a quote which I came across which says, Poets and Writers take the weather very seriously. Sometimes the mind refuses to see the mood swings of the weather as something normal and tries to draw inference on the secret message :-)

  2. writers at heart :D .. the 3rd face :)

  3. You have brought the loveliness of weather through your post. Reading it was a pleasure!

  4. "The sudden change from a supposedly hot March day to a cold July day. Like a woman with wild mood swings." Loved that line.

  5. Oh man! I am speechless... I loved this... you have so rightly conveyed the emotions associated with the weather...Smiles to the 2nd para!

  6. hehe this went by like a breeze would! I think it swept about all the months in ease! and I take the weather a bit too personally. Just saying ;)

  7. Jyotsna,
    This is like a romantic's guide to the seasons. It's written with such tender detail. Absolutely saw the seasons change. Beautiful.


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