Monday, 23 March 2015

Finding a Friend

Memories. Probably it’s the only word that can mean positive and negative to the same person, often even at the same time. Memories. They can take you at the heights of cherished living and can even push you in the dark abyss of life. Memories. They can be your weakest link and also your biggest strengths. Memories. They have the power to take the reins of life in your own hands and even have the strength to make you miserable enough to ruin your entire existence. Memories. Oh, You memories.

I had started my MBA. It had been two months and I was completely immersed in the hectic schedule of my studies and presentation and assignments and case studies. I had found a group of friends. We studied together and even had good fun. But somehow I felt disconnected from everyone. I was gelling well with other classmates, doing good in my studies but somehow I felt completely lonely. I didn’t really have a confidante in that huge group of friends. Everybody around seemed close yet so distant.  

Exams were nearing and I made it a point to spend few hours in the library. A couple of friends from the group would also accompany me. The day is clearly etched in my mind. It was 18th of October. After a few hours, one by one all the friends left. It was only me and one other friend that stayed back. We studied for sometime. 

And suddenly he stopped studying and said, ' I know you feel very lonely here. You don’t show but you feel alien amongst the crowd.' I was too stunned to react. 'It's okay to feel that way. I have seen you and the loneliness around you. I don’t know if you consider me worthy enough but in case you ever want to share something with anybody, I am there. And I hope you can trust me. I don’t let my friends down.' he said in one breath. 'How did you know?' was all I could say. 'I just know', he said and smiled. I smiled back. Somehow the smile didn’t feel fake to me that day. Somehow it felt warm and genuine. Concern that didn’t seem fake. Friendship that didn’t seem to be based on mere give and take. Somehow I felt that this friendship will last.

That day, we talked. We talked and talked and talked. Right from subjects that were mundane to the things that were important. I had found a true friend in that library that day. My two years of education seemed like a breeze because of the amazing friend that I found that day. Somehow I will always be thankful for the beautiful friendship and time that I shared with this friend. Because as they say being #together is what matters the most.

This post is inspired by - #Together.

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