Friday, 16 August 2013

Dance Baby, Dance !!!

Last few months have been amazing for a ‘Reality Dance shows’ freak like me. If you follow them, you would understand why am I saying this. Or even if not, you would have probably guessed by now that three ‘Reality Dance Shows’ are running from past couple of months on three different GECs. (General Entertainment Channels, duh !!)

Zee airs a yet another twisted version of their immensely popular dance show
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(Dance India Dance) called ‘Dance India Dance – Super Moms’. While Sony on the other hand is running its sixth edition of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa – Dancing with the Stars. And while two competitors are airing shows on similar themes, how could Star Plus trail behind? They too have inaugurated their first season of their reality show called ‘India’s Dancing Superstar.

So the dance lover in me (which is strictly and totally restricted to only and only watching the Dance shows and never attempting to practice a single step myself :P) is thrilled. From watching the celebrities to watching commoners move to different dance forms so well, what more could I have asked for?

Come every weekend, I am hooked on to the television screen at the time of these shows. I keep hopping channels to watch the performances on every show. And if I have time on hand and these shows are running their repeats, there is nothing in the world that can stop me from watching or rather re-watching these shows subjecting my poor family to the torture of watching the same shows again ^_^

And if you are talking about DID Little Masters, (which by the way is a past
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season) all hell broke loose if I missed even a single performance of those amazing kid performers. Especially the performance of Faisal Khan from Mumbai who won millions of hearts with his out-of-the-world dance moves. Last week, Faisal was on the show DID - Super Moms (And by the way, which moms look and dance like the ones on the Show? God, they are so amazingly beautiful and brilliant dancers) along with other kids from DID – Little Masters to support the current show participants. And my heart yet again melted seeing him dance with such ease and poise. The judges’ appreciation flowed whilst calling him the deserving winner of his season. :)

While Dance India Dance brings common people to limelight giving them their 15 minutes of fame (well not just 15 minutes in some cases, a few of these performers from DID have gone to become celebrated choreographers and are still enjoying fair share of limelight); Jhalak Dikhla Jaa on the other hand, cashes on the celeb factor by making celebrities from all walks of life dance to the tune of Samba and Rumba or Jazz and Contemporary. While a few celebrities find dancing a cakewalk, struggles of a few can be easily seen from their performances. By the way, how can you expect Kris Srikant to be good in dancing?   

I find these reality dance shows highly creative and entertaining. What I also realize is the amount of efforts these participants put behind each performance. How else do you expect them to perform with such finesse in a span of a week’s time?

With these shows on the block, I now have a fair idea about the difference between Contemporary and Lyrical contemporary style, the fact that your legs need to be pointed and that there is something called Broadway Jazz and Waltz ;) May be, well, just maybe, sometime when I find enough motivation to put on my dancing shoes I would atleast have enough amount of information for starters. Till then, where’s the remote ??? 

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