Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nostalgic Sunday Smells !!!

A few days back I received a mail from Indiblogger informing about the Ambi Pur ‘Smelly To Smiley!’ contest to write about the nostalgic memories that I associate with different smells or fragrances in my home. The contest looked interesting because there are various things or times that you can associate ‘nostalgia’ with, but ‘nostalgia’ and ‘smells’ ?? Haven’t heard of it often, right? Dug deep down the memory lane to find a few nostalgic beautifully smelling memories..

Today, every Sunday is a treasured day coz of the most obvious reason of being away from the routine rut.  But back then, as a kiddo, Sunday used to be a fun filled day with wonderful things to be done. Things that I looked forward to doing back then and which bring smiles even today. Here’s a smiling ‘smell’ nostalgia of my Sunday as a child.

Aah.. Sunday it is !!
My favourite day of the week for sure
Freedom of waking up late
And having a whole day to play with mates…!!!

The Sunday morning breakfast
That smell of yummy aalloo parathas,
Dipped in butter
Feasted on with lots of laughter and chatter…!!!

The Sunday bathing
That smell of shampoo; allowed only once a week
With all gusto, mom washed my hair
Which was one of the million ways that showed how minutest of me she cared…!!!

The Sunday lunch
That smell of delicious curry in the house
Filled with scrumptious veggies and more
Eating with mom’s hand and filling myself up to the core…!!!

The Sunday outing
That smell of Popcorn and Candy floss
Zoo and the Lake were the favourite places to be
And entire evening, my eyes twinkled with glee…!!!

The Sunday fun activity
That smell of crayons
Filling up the drawing book
Seeing a proud smile on dad’s face when he had a look…!!!

The Sunday dinner bells
That smell of paneer and naan
Gorging on ice-cream after that
Whilst walking down hand-in-hand with mom and dad…!!!

The Sunday Routine
That smell of coconut oil
Hair carefully oiled and braided at night 
To be prepared enough for the upcoming week’s dust and pollution fight…!!!

The Sunday night beauty
That smell of story books
Sleeping in mom’s lap after the stories
Drifting into dreamland filled with daisies…!!!

 "This post is a part of ‘Smelly To Smiley Contest’ by Ambi Pur in association with Indiblogger"


  1. This is such a wonderful poem. Sunday were fundays back then...

    Good luck, Jyotsna.:)

    1. Indeed they were fun. Thanks a lot Saru :)


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