Sunday, 11 August 2013

Little Brother.. Yeah .. You have grown up :) :)

I still remember the day you came into our lives. A day before Rakshabandhan. 12th August 1992 it was!! While I waited near our mommy, the doctor told me that I have a baby brother to tie rakhi the next day. I was thrilled. I remember tying a smallest rakhi on your teeny-weeny hands and you looking at us (me and Bhavika) through your small Chinese looking eyes. It’s been twenty one years and you have grown into an adult. Of course, your Chinese looking eyes are still the same size :P :P But yes, you have grown up all these years from a cutest looking toddler, to a sweet 7 year old to the slimmest teenager and to a handsome adult today.  

Jacks, (as I always call you) you are one of the best things to have happened to us. You bring in the much needed humour and enthusiasm in our lives. Of course, you are laid back when it comes to your own studies :P

The fondest memories we have of you as a child are about you calling a programme as ‘Ghambhda Mix’ instead of ‘Bhangra Mix’, your penchant for strictly and only wearing pants as a four year old toddler, your craze for Parle biscuits, your urge to become a Police officer at the age of ten, your illegible handwriting (which are illegible even today :P) your quoting a strange figure of eighty five lakh one thousand and ninety nine for every question that had to be answered numerically and of course your incomprehensible takiyakalaams (eg. hi, meri dosti world cup, kaisi ho??.. or Bret Lee cut spinle ki speed mein). These are just a few examples and you know there a whole lot others which I can’t mention here (Lest, I get killed by you for publicly exposing them :P).

But, funny memories apart, there are times when you warm our hearts beyond limits. The most rational and mature stuff you say to us sometimes (only and strictly sometimes :P:P ) makes us think that yes, you have grown up. Every time you come to pick and drop us at the bus stop, every time you go and buy ice creams for us at the oddest hours, every time you buy us something or the other from your limited pocket money, every time you go and get things repaired which we have carelessly fiddled with, every time you have dragged our scooty for getting the puncture repaired, every time you say sorry when we get angry, every time you care for mummy and us, we cannot thank God enough for the sweetest brother we have in you.

Yes, we do get angry at you when you don't study well or when you don't behave well, we don’t allow you for outings often, you are not given the privilege to roam around at places and times you want and not to forget your limited pocket money. But I know that someday you would understand that all we did was for your own good. 

As you finish twenty one today, all we wish for you today is that you live a happy and healthy life always, scale newer heights in your career and achieve all your dreams. You are officially grown up now. Remember, that we are always with you whenever we want to fall back upon. And keep loving us as you always have. Wish you a very happy birthday.

P.S. Jacks, I write this post of behalf of everybody at home.


  1. Loved reading this ! Especially when I still crave for a brother as a sibling for me !


    1. Hey Namrata, Glad you liked my post :) Yeah, little brothers are fun to have around..

  2. A great read. You have an eye for detail:)

    1. Thank u Kunal for reading and noticing the details :)


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