Tuesday, 10 September 2013


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Loneliness gnaws the insides
Pain I cannot hide
Days pass by
And so do nights
With every passing minute
It’s getting difficult to stay alright
Nobody to share
None to care
Ages since I have been tendered
Eternities ever since with love have I been rendered
'Belongingness' is a feeling I haven’t come across often
And solitude has been my constant companion
Remembering everyone’s past lies
I feel tears stinging my eyes
Sacrifices I made
Haven’t been fruitfully paid
Decisions went wrong
Dissonant went my life’s only song
Smile has faded
Directionless; ‘Somewhere’ I am headed
Emptiness prevails
Loneliness trails
The path so empty
Life so bleary !!


  1. It kills you and a beautiful poem.

  2. A drop rolled down the corner of my eye.... :'-(

  3. Awww.. I guess the above words hit the right chord within you.. :(

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, loneliness does that to you :( :(

    2. completely understand :)
      but such posts can actually make u feel better when u gt to know that there are more people who were suffering at a point in their life..(yes..it sounds negative..but..)


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