Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Game Has Changed..

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’.

My feelings changed from fear to joy to ecstasy to relief, right in that order. Fear
because I was peeking into the laptop of 39 year old Ram Maheshwari – the next candidate pegged for the position of Prime Minister when he was in a shower, Joy because I had finally found the data about his Swiss bank account details where all his black money was deposited, Ecstasy because my hard work or call it risking my life finally paid off and Relief because I was still alive and would be free from this operation just as I leave this house.

I quickly switched off the laptop and went to the table for preparing his black coffee which he always had after the shower. While preparing his coffee, flashes of last three and half years swam through my eyes.

Right from winning the Secretary General elections of the University where this journey all began till today when I had become the most trusted aide of Ram Maheshwari. Could anybody have thought that this journey was not a mere coincidence but a well laid plan. A plan which began when Narayan Kumar approached me after I had defeated his only son, the coveted Riddhish Kumar in the Secretary General elections of the University. The results of the Secretary General elections were the biggest upset for the Kumar’s party since he was vying for beginning the political journey of his son.

I don’t know what Narayan Kumar saw in me when he came to meet me after the elections where he offered me to join hands with him, though not openly. And in return, I was to be the Chief Ministerial candidate for his party. And thus began a journey. A journey of deceit, a journey of unfaithfulness and faithfulness and a journey where risk and rewards knew no bounds.
Narayan Kumar, the mastermind behind this plan and the biggest political rival of Ram Maheshwari was my political mentor who guided me step by step for reaching closest to Ram Maheshwari so that I could unravel all his political plans and provide them to Narayan Kumar.

My open challenges and my dislike about Narayan Kumar’s party during college years, getting noticed in the eyes of Ram Maheswari’s People’s party, the proposal of People’s party to join hands with them, my hard work in party’s office, the big furor I created in Party office when I came to know about embezzlement of funds by some Party workers just to get noticed in the eyes of Ram Maheshwari, my threat to walk out of the Party and inform media about the embezzlement if I am not allowed to meet Ram, my meeting with him, my maneuvering of the meeting in a way so that he asks me to work directly with him, the so called planned love affair between us and the umpteen amount of twists and turns after that, were nothing but planned. A well thought and a well-executed plan. A plan whose result was going to change the political history of this country.

When I hand over the information I just mailed to myself to Narayan Kumar, the path would be laid for him becoming the next Prime Minister, I becoming the next Chief Minister and Ram Maheshwari becoming the biggest political debacle of this country.

As a devilish grin spread across my face, I saw Ram come out of shower. I handed him his black coffee and went into the shower myself. When I came out, my green tea was laid. I finish my tea and we both get ready hurriedly. Ram would be leaving for his tour and I would go and meet Narayan Kumar.

Slowly, I see sweat beads appearing on my forehead and feel my limbs getting loose. My head gets dizzier and I sit down on the chair holding my head. Ram is standing next to me. I feel nauseated. I see his eyes writhing with anger. I ask him to call the doctor. He doesn’t respond. My eyes droop.  

I faintly hear him say, “Niharika Singh, what the hell do you think of yourself? You would walk out alive from here after stealing my data? Do you think I was a fool enough to use the laptop without any security features?
I try hard to open my eyes. I can’t. I realize the game has changed. Breathing heavily, I ask: ‘How?’

‘Just as you sent a mail from this laptop, I received a message saying that this laptop has been used. And after that it was just a cakewalk to find out what a bitch have you been!!!’ he speaks gritting his teeth.

I feel a hard punch on my stomach and everything blanks out. 

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  1. Ah! The game of deceit and hypocrisy. Wonderful story, Jyotsna!

    1. Dangerous game of deceit and hypocrisy !! Thank you for stopping by Shilpa. Glad you liked my post :)


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