Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hopping and Shopping in Future !!

The blissful weekend is here. I look at the clock. It says September 14, 2030 and beeps 11.30 am. With the husband being away for his regular golfing practice and my kiddo at her dancing lessons (yeah, we still pursue these small pleasures like learning to dance) I have all the time to myself.

I walk into my study room to see if the book I bought ten minutes back has downloaded. I open my miniature laptop which is connected to the huge screen on the wall. It has downloaded. I do not like the ‘e-thingy’ too much when it comes to reading but with depleting environment, the Government’s ban to produce more paper seems apt. Sigh!! How I miss the smell of new books! I wonder, if we would have been a little careful in our past regarding Mother Earth, things would have been much better today.

Before I have the pleasure of reading the book, a message pops up. It’s from ‘Onestop’ which basically is a personalized shopping destination website. Everybody has an account on it.

The voice says: This is the reminder you had set for shopping. Login Now?
I remember setting the alarm. I pick up the microphone and speak: “Yes, take me in”.

The website opens with my personal page neatly divided into sections about all the shopping I have done in past. Clothes, Gadgets, Groceries etc etc. Every item under each menu is neatly stacked and connected to the respective online shopping website I have done my shopping from. One tab shows the best deals available for items I have entered into. The page also gives me statistics of any type I want. Amount wise, website wise and other such blah blah blah. Not much of my use though.

I mean, which woman calculates all this? We women are still the same in 2030. We love our shopping no matter where it comes from. Ofcourse, the ways of shopping have changed today.

The voice speaks again:

She:   You told me to remind you about buying a new dress for the upcoming office party. What would you like to buy?

Me:  Well, the theme for the party is ‘Retro’. So why don’t you show me    something we wore back in 2010-15? But before that please order me a      double shot espresso from Starbucks.

She:   Ordered. Proceed towards payment?

Me:    Yes.

My bank account opens and I speak my password to pass the voice recognition test and then the retina scan. I love these security features. No hassles of remembering your passwords and changing them often and no worries about hacking.

She:   The payment has been done. Your double shot espresso from nearest Starbucks outlet will be delivered in next fifteen minutes.

Me:    Good. Let’s go to the dress shopping thing.

She:   Yes. The page at Wikipedia says that saris were a popular choice in Indian wear during the time period you suggested. Would you like to see them?

Me:    Aah.. yes the saris !! Long time since I worn one myself. Show me something in black.

She:   What material would you like to buy them in?

Me:    Organic georgette or Chiffon, may be?

Me:    And yes, do add the weather and water proof feature into it.

She:   Sure. Please wait.

20 seconds later

She:   You have twenty nine options to choose from below.  

Me:    Oops.. that’s too many. We need to reduce the number. Cut the products from those fifteen companies whose percentage share of profits towards nurturing the environment is the least.
          Something for the environment, eh? I mutter.

She:   Will Do.

A Message pops up my screen:

 Checking the balance sheets of the companies and their profit utilization towards environment nurturing.

1 minute later.

She:   Here are the remaining choices.

Me:    Cool. Put them one by one in the video trial software.

She:   Yes. Please wait.

A minute later, a video reels and I see myself moving around the screen trying every sari one by one. I just need to press the next button and my image would play showing me how would I look in every sari. I found my choice and pressed the select button.

She:   Taking you to the webpage of ‘Organic India’ and logging into your account.

I complete the payment formalities like earlier and mutter into the microphone: “Well, that’s pretty much done, right?

She:   Yes. But I hope you remember that ‘Husband’ has his birthday up next week? You put a reminder for that as well.

Me:    Er.. Umm.. Ofcourse, I do remember. This forgetting birthdays is ‘Husband’ thing, not the Wifey thing. Got it? Anyways, what should I be buying??? Ummm.. Something related to golf?

She:   ‘Husband’ browsed through the ‘Golf Kits’ section two days ago. Would you like to have a look?

Me:    Is it? How do you know? Eh, ofcourse you would know. You have search histories of everyone of us. Did he ask you anything about my shopping?

She:   You have disabled the history button for your profile for everybody else except you.

(Grinning widely) Oh yes, Me.. smarty pants!! That was indeed a smart move. Lest, Husband dearest would have known what would be my next demand and would have thought a new excuse of avoiding me into buying it. (Yeah, husbands are the same too. Whether its 2013 or 2030. Sigh!!) – I think aloud.

Me:    So, anything particular he liked? - I mutter into the microphone.

She:   Yes. He liked this Golf Kit.

Image Source: Google

Me:    Nice. But how are you sure he liked this?

She:   He browsed through several websites. Compared the prices at ‘’ and found this as the best deal. He lasted for 22:06 minutes on this page. Read all the details. Asked me note them down as well. And also put a reminder for buying this next month.

Me:    Well that’s pretty cool. Since it’s from ebay I don’t think there should be any problem buying it. The return policies are amazing. The prices are correct and the service is just perfect. I think I would buy this.

She:   OK. Connecting to your account on ebay.

The formalities on ebay finish smoothly. The golf kit is to be delivered right on the night before Husband’s birthday. And I also put a reminder to inform me if he too orders the same kit. Cool Me. Ain’t I? Ok.. Ok.. Cool ebay, Happy??

She:   Anything else?

Me:    Yeah. I think it’s time to change the curtains of the house. But not now I guess. I would rather go and read my book. Keep a reminder about good deals on various stores. Ping me when there is something worthwhile. You know the budget for the curtains. Right?

She:   Yes, sure. The details of the purchases have been added to your ‘Onestop’ account. Have a good day ahead.

Me:    Yeah, you too.

Ahhh.. This shopping thing is tiring. :P

I hear the doorbell... there comes my Espresso !!!

This post has been written for ‘The Future of Shopping!’ contest, organized by IndiBlogger and The topic of the contest was – Tell us how you imagine shopping to be in the year 2030. Do check out their page at


  1. So many futuristic ideas, Good post!! Though I really don't expect Saree to become a thing of past for at least a century!

    1. Hey Rochana, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the post :) Well, I was thinking that in future, since the climatic changes would be erratic, our dressing would also be skewed towards wearing something more comfortable. And that's why that assumption. But, yes, I agree that for Indian women, the sari can never be a thing of the past :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading Arnav !! Your comments are always motivating :)

  3. Some innovative ideas indeed! And you aced it with weather proof clothes! :)
    Loved reading the post! :)

    1. Hey Ragini, thanks for reading. Glad you liked it :)


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