Sunday, 23 February 2014

Third Time Charm - Liebster III

The mere mention of the word ‘award’ brings a smile on the face. There are some like the ones given by mommy on successful completion of homework or minding your manners when guests are around or daddy for getting good marks. They are something which most of us have received. Then, there are some like receiving filmfares available to only a chosen privileged few. And then, there are some like ‘Liebster’ received by this awesome community of bloggers. I received two of my Liebsters from amazing fellow bloggers Sreeja Praveen and Sreesha Divakaran. I wrote about them here.                                                                                      

But an award is an award. As many times you receive it is always welcome ;) Somewhere, it is an indication that your writings are being liked somewhere. There are some fellow bloggers who come and read you everytime you put up some blabber and yet find it interesting enough to come back again.

So, when Inspirational Romance Writer, Aayesha Hakim presented me with my third Liebster here, I was all ‘smiles’. She wrote this before nominating fellow bloggers for this award – To the people I have nominated above: Congratulations! The reason behind me nominating you is, I enjoy reading your blog and you deserve a lot more subscribers. Keep writing!”

The sheer simplicity and honesty of her words above make you feel warmer. So, dear Aayesha, thank you for considering me for this award. I love reading your blog too and hope you too win over many more readers.

The rules of accepting a Liebster are stated in my earlier post which I mentioned above. There was some confusion about nominating fellow bloggers again. I read somewhere that I can present this award to ten bloggers just once. But I also came across posts where bloggers have nominated others every time they receive this award. Since I have nominated fellow bloggers already, I wouldn’t be doing it again. But, yes I am all set to answer the volley of questions posed by Aayesha. So here we go !

1.   What would you wish to name a movie about your life?
That’s easy. The movie name should ofcourse be ‘Dreams and Dimensions’

2.   What is YOUR favorite blog post from YOUR blog? Link please!
Oh, Aayesha,  you are asking a mother to choose her favourite child. Very difficult. But still if I had to give it a shot, I think it would be 'Halfway' and 'A Closet full of Memories'

3.   What is the best piece of life advice you could give to someone?
    All I would say is, “Don’t hold back. Do things that make you happy. At the end, it’s just once that we get to live.   

4.   Worst thing a person can do to you?
Worst thing a person can do to me or for that matter to anybody else is judge me without knowing the real me. I literally loathe people who keep on passing judgments without knowing the story of other people.   

5.   Give me a description of what you see when you look out of the window this very moment!
    You wouldn’t believe where am I writing this post. I am travelling by train and its awesome morning sunshine over lush green fields that please my vision right this moment.

6.   What do you think about my blog? ;)
   Aayesha - The inspirational romance writer. I recently discovered your blog and have loved your writings since then. I just can’t imagine myself doing a post everyday of the month. So, kudos to you for completing the UBC. All the best for spinning more and more beautiful yarns of words. Lovely to have known somebody like you.   

7.   Items on your bucket list?
    As a writer, the most obvious thing is getting published. And few others are to visit Vegas, to have a tattoo and own a sea-facing house with a room full of my favourite books. That’s it ;)

8.   What is the thing you do at the end of your day just before going to bed?
     Most of the times, Facebook and Twitter gets the privilege :P But, yes, better sense prevails sometimes and I do think and decide about what am I supposed to do for the next day, which by the way never happens as planned :P :P

9.   Anything that you would want to change about yourself?
A better metabolism would be great :P

10.       Do you agree with popular belief that a man is ruled by his head and a woman by her heart?
I think women are too complex to be simplified in that one line of just being ruled by our hearts :P And, I don’t think it can be stereotyped in today’s times about how one behaves, whatever be the gender.
11 .       What according to you is the problem most of the youths face today?
Well, the problems are myriad. Starting from the fact that the android battery doesn’t last long to the pessimism about Indian politics :P But, on a more serious note, I think we (using the word ‘we’ considering that a 28 year old is still considered young :P ) want everything. Focus is what we probably lack.

Phew.. so, I am all done. Loved answering them Aayesha. J J


  1. Great post! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Thank you. Never really thought about guest posts. But, yeah can be tried.

  2. Congratulations Jyotsna! May all your dreams come true!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks Sindhu :) May yours come true as well. Lovely to have know somebody like you :)

  3. Oh yes... nothing like the morning sunshine over lush green fields that we see from a moving train.

  4. Oh! How did I miss this?!
    Lovely answers, Jyotsna! Nice to know about you! :)

    1. You missed this?? :0 hehe.. no problem babes.. Thanks for the award :*


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