Sunday, 27 July 2014

My Wishlist - #WhatTheBlack

Majestic, Dark, Intriguing
These words in my head start ringing     
When you ask me #WhatTheBlack
What do I wish, What do I lack

A Black Labrador is on the wishlist first
Holding it I am sure, day’s stress would burst
Coming home to eagerly waiting eyes
To unadulterated love and its accompanying highs  

(Yes, I have been dying to get a Labrador since quite some time now. It’s just that a few members of my family aren’t too keen on having one. But I hope to convince them soon. I just can’t wait to have one)

A huge Black Reclining Chair follows next
So that I could sink in whenever I need rest
After all the travelling that I do everyday
A cozy place is what I need at the end of the day

(I saw one at a friend’s house sometime back. And I have been waiting to get my hands on it since then. And I want a huge one. Trust me, a huge one.)

Was thinking of what follows third
And then to me it suddenly occurred
A limitless supply of Kohl would do
For those sexy eyes to make everybody drool

(Kohl eyes. Sigh. I love it. No, wait, I just lurvvvvv it. You wouldn’t find me without kohl in my eyes. Never. Ever. I have tried almost every kohl product available in market. And if I stop buying kohl for atleast next two years, I am sure I wouldn’t run short of the products. But, why make such high hopes. I am never gonna stop buying them :P )

And then comes the wishing for the fourth
What else would I need to survive henceforth
Endless cups of Black Coffee would just be suffice
To make sure my words are magical enough to entice

(Mind overflowing with ideas for new stories. Rain. A laptop. Black Coffee. Enough said !!)

And finally what would be number five
Let me check of what am I deprived
A sleek Black iPad is something to which I wouldn’t ever say no
To keep me connected while I am on the go

(Need I say more ?? I guess not)

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  1. How wonderful it is to wish and keep on wishing! All the best for the contest Jyotsna... hope you win!

  2. heres wishing that wish list becomes a reality soooooooooooooooooonnnn and all ur wishes come true toooo


  3. I loovvvee Kohl too.. :D
    May your wishes come true Jyotsna :)


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