Monday, 21 July 2014

Things That Zest Up My Life !!

Humdrum of life everyday
Colours missing, it sometimes seems grey  
Life passes by in mundane routines
Unless done a few things that add life some sheen

There are a few things that I swear by
They add a vivacious zest to my life
Around them, in my eyes, a smile you would see
With these near me, a good time I am guaranteed 

Words cannot describe what I feel
How writing makes my insides heal
Passion is just filament of a feeling
When my thoughts meet paper, a whole new world starts reeling  

 I lap up books like a hungry child
When I hold one in my hands, I feel beguiled
In them, sometimes I become a saint and at times I play somebody’s wife
With every book that I read, I live a beautiful new life

Shopping for me is no less than a therapy
Days become cheerful however they were horrible or crappy   
Like every woman, I’m a shopping lover by birth
And trips to malls are my ticket to heaven on earth

Long drives in rain recharge me
In my ecosphere of thoughts, I love to flee
Because with every falling drop
Negativity and worries inside me get wiped off

 Melts my heart on seeing ice-creams
Bland without them my life would seem
The diet goes for a toss when they are around
With every bite, in a never ending bliss I get drowned    

These are things that bring in my eyes a fresh gleam
Happiness happily following along with its team
These are the things that invoke within a fiery zest
And I celebrate my life’s moments with them like a fest

The list of zests for me is enough long
And I can about them, go on and on
Coz what would life be if you live without any passion
Coz I believe, Life is to be lived with a contagious enthusiasm

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and


  1. i think most poem are merely riddles because words are never enough to describe a feeling , any feeling... lovely poem! btw i love icecreams too.. :)

    1. Absolutely agree with you.. Few words are not enough to describe a feeling. Thanks dear. Who doesn't love icecreams ?? ;)

  2. shopping will lift up mood to a different level altogether no? lovely poem

    1. Totally agree. Happiness quotient gets notched up way higher with shopping. Thanks dear :)

  3. you know what. I am today going to shop and also eat ice-cream. BUS KEH DIYA!

    1. H15 to our ice cream eating. Even I will gobble one ;) :D :D

  4. absolutely my favourite tooo ice creamsssssssss :)


  5. very nice poetry .. all the best for contest :)

  6. "zest" yes that is something we should all have. I feel the same way about books - They surround me.

    1. They surround me tooo.. What a lovely company they are, isnt it ???

  7. Very brilliant and thoughtful post.


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