Friday, 7 March 2014

Beast In The Cage

Assault on a neighborhood woman I hear
Guess I felt rolling down of a painful tear
Beating her almost to the grave
She didn’t bear a son and that meant punishing her with a stave
Husband goes unapologetic about it
She deserved no mercy he says with full grit
Six days and she is still unconscious
My heart cries for his behavior so obnoxious
Triggers something within the soul
The world about this ghastly act needs to be told
His should not be an easy exit
Cage is the only place where such beasts should exist
Double spaced, list of all his horrid deeds I type so furiously
It goes into next day’s newspaper, I now wait anxiously
Fuels a reaction I didn’t not expect
Better medical services now she would get
The beast is well within the cage
Our small town for such inhumanly act now writhes with rage
Hope the rage within the country spreads like wildfire
And such monsters face consequences always so dire

This post is written for Sunday Whirl, Wordle 150 where the words shown in the above picture have to be used in the post.


  1. This is just too good ... the fire in your words ... awesome buddy ... one of your best :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Awww.... You made my day Maniparna :) Thank you so much !!

  3. I must agree the thoughts of previous commentators... you are a master of words!

    1. You are being very very kind with your words Sindhu.. Thank you so much.. This surely made me smile :):)

  4. You did justice with the given words.

    1. Glad I could do that Namrota! Thanks for the visit :)


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