Monday, 24 March 2014

Oh Laptop Oh Laptop I Miss You Like Hell

That’s what friends are for! To lift you up when you are feeling down. So while I sulked on Facebook about not having my laptop with me during the weekend to write, Amrit Sinha ( came to my rescue. He gave an idea. And then, we rhymed. Without any reason. On a chat. The result is below. Have a look! A stanza each written by both of us. And being my first ever duet poem, this one is sure going down the memory lane. We had fun crafting this up. Hope you have fun reading it too. And Amrit - thank you, this sure made me smile J

Oh laptop, oh laptop,
I miss you like hell,
When will you, when will you
Again get well?

My laptop, dear laptop
Why did you go away?
Don’t you know oh dear
That being with you makes my day!

That hour when you arrived,
You gifted me with smiles,
We promised to be together,
In journey across miles

Ah, the caress and the warmth
When I swiftly glide along the keys
How badly, how badly
Those silent tickles I now miss

The games that we played
All day long
Movies we watched
And all my favourite songs

Writing the poems and posts
On those lonesome nights
The creativity inside me
Kissed greater heights

And then came the darkness
Flooding the dawn
My passion screamed tears
My heart thus mourned

I crave to write, to touch
The desire to see you again
Pouring thoughts and my world
‘Cause that’s what can keep me sane

For you, I’ll wait
My love all day
Come back to me
Just find a quicker way


  1. I cant believe it was written by 2 people :).. Nice..
    Hope you get your laptop soon.. (or did you already get it?? )

    1. Trust me, its written by two people !! And yes, I got my laptop today. Posting from it. YAY !! :):)

  2. Yayyy ... so glad we did this :D

  3. Hehehe that's indeed a fun poem :D

  4. Lol this was fun to read, reminded me of Oh captain my captain, well its similar anyway :D:D

    1. Hehe.. Oh Captain, my captain !!! :D :D

  5. Awwww such a cute poem!!! Loved reading every word! Looks like you were indeed craving more for the laptop than for food :D

    1. Haha.. Thanks Gauri for finding this 'cute'. And yes, I was craving for my laptop like hell ;)

  6. So sweet! That's why you laptop needed to go to repair! Finally, all is well :)

    1. Hehe.. Thanks Sindhu... Yes, all is well now.. ;)


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