Sunday, 15 December 2013

I wish more I could do

Its a BlogAdda - WOW  Post

My baby was my sunshine
Like every parent I ensured all the time she was fine
Her every little need
I fulfilled, I guaranteed  
She loved playing with me in the park
Every evening, with her I embarked
Dressing her in cute little pink frock
I made her wear warm blue socks
Just as she was running around with small happy feet
I took on the park bench my regular seat
I watched my doll play under the tree
That’s when I caught her looking at me                                     

Dressed in tattered rags
Her small shoulders seemed bogged down with snags
Cheeks smeared with tears
Her eyes brimming with fears
Something inside me moved
I wished her pains I could soothe
I asked her what was she doing in here
She held out her hand and rolled down a tear
In her tiny voice she spoke
She had to beg coz her parents were broke
Same old story I thought
God knows many innocent childhoods, this poverty would have cost  
I handed her some food packets
Even my child’s small little jacket
I wish, for her, more I could do
But I knew poverty in this country would never bid adieu
Feeling small with my meek gesture
Holding my baby, towards home I venture
One last look near the gate when I reach
She was still looking at me
Tears pushing the corner of my eyes
Hugging my child, hard I cry
I wish, for thousands like her, something more I could do
I just wish poverty in my country soon bids adieu !!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. Yes....poverty is very depressing but we can't do much about it...except make small contributions in our way.

    1. It is depressing Pankti.. And what makes it more depressing is the fact that we cant do much about it :(

  2. That was truly sad. Yes, if only there was something more we could do to bring in more economic balance.

    1. Yes Sreesha, How I wish we could do something !!


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