Monday 23 December 2013

My Friendship Diary

Nostalgia today I feel
Thinking how were we, how have we been?
Down the memory lane let me take you
Recounting all those times which are afresh as dew
Remember the day we met
Not even knowing what friendship meant
In nursery school with cute little uniforms
So unaware we were about worldly norms
Pink lunch boxes matched
Who thought that warm friendship it would hatch
Together we played
Together we stayed
Alphabets we learned
For meeting each other, at homes we yearned
So fond of each other we grew
Do you remember, we talked to others so very few
Dance we learned as seven year olds
Our bond shinning like pure gold
Mom’s lipsticks we applied at ten
Yes, hiding inside our secret little den
Remember, that brat of the colony we fought
For pushing you, lesson he was taught
Conjoined twins we were called at school
Oh, wasn’t that so cool?
Algebra, me you taught
Remember, how it made me fraught
History you never remembered
New ways of memorizing it, we found together
As the sweetness of sixteen arrived
Gazing at those boys, plans we devised
Nervous as wreck, on the first date you went
My short black dress to you I had lent
Butterflies in stomachs collective we dealt
Mushiness of first love together we felt
Cried my eyes out together with you
The day that jerk broke your heart leaving you blue
You never know but I went and punched his face
How funny he looked with his jaw displaced
Clearing board exams, together we burned midnight oils
To memorize the answers, remember how hard we toiled
How could I forget on my fewer marks more than me you had cried
In those dark days, you were always by my side
You gave up the best college for me
So that together we could be
The college wouldn’t have been so much fun
Without you and your humorous puns
Elocutions, debates, and plays we took part
Always a team, never ever apart
I know you pushed me towards that college hunk
Making me meet him and letting lectures bunk
Proxy on my behalf you signed
Remember, when caught, how you were fined
Chocolates we hogged the day before
Preparing for interview, weren’t our eyes so sore
Nervousness on the day of placement results
How panicky we were, not at all behaving like adults
Happy tears brimmed seeing you bag the best job
But it pained to think that a new city you would now hop
Entire station saw when we hugged and cried
I felt as if from me you were being untied
Phone bills increased as we talked into the night
From jobs, to bosses to beautiful city lights
The joy of our first salaries, together we celebrated
But not being with each other made this joy a little abated
Remember the time I visited you
And there we went again sticking to each other like glue
Poor your boyfriend feeling so lost without you
Years it’s been since this city you left
But living without each other is an art we shall never be adept
Our friendship and bond grows stronger every day
I hope, I pray we continue to be together life’s every single day
Sometimes I think, is there a name to this bond
How can we be each other so very fond
Ah, yes I know what is it called
It’s two bodies and one soul
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  1. Thats one creative post you have here. Very Nice. Best of Luck dear :)

    1. Oh thank you Namrota.. Glad you liked my post.

  2. You have captured the essence of a life long friendship! Awesome♥

    1. Oh Yes Kathy.. Lifelong friendship it is.. Glad you could sense the essence of it in the post.. <3<3

  3. simply awesome. like the feel and the flow.... all the very best. :)

  4. That's a long and worthy friendship!!

  5. Beautifully worded Jyotsna! Simple and straight from the heart. :)

    1. Oh yes Ragini.. thats one post close to my heart.. Thank you for stopping by :)

  6. Replies
    1. Your comment is also 'nice and sweet' ;) Just kidding.. Thank you Neeraj.. :):)

  7. This is beautiful ... all the best :-)


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