Monday, 9 December 2013

Disgusted, I pull away

Fun time with my girls
Partying around in small skirts
Somebody said, a new lounge
We wanted to paint the red town
Over the bar
He stole glances
Futile to look away
A pull so magnetic
Couldn’t help but gaze
Can’t recall if I ever experienced this phase?
Sexiness oozed
I think over I had boozed
Smart was the word
No lesser could I afford
Dapper in denims
Attitude personified
Walked so dignified
For the dance he asks
Could I have denied?
Moves so smooth
Professional it looked
Clumsy I felt
Somehow my anxiety I dealt
Distance closing in
So tempting to commit the sin
Waist he holds
Moves so close
Hands all over
Can feel him tower
Pretending to dance
Something else going on
Eyes were locked
Steps almost stop
Hands in my hair
I feel the pull
My fingers on his cheeks
Feel of his stubble
Lips quivering
Temptations soaring
Drown in daze
Kiss on my forehead I feel
Disgusted, I pull away
Nausea I had to deal
From clutches, myself I free
Rushing to the bathroom
My girls following soon
Chemistry they had seen
Shocked they seem
What’s wrong they ask
Handing me a water glass
Getting hold of myself, I speak
Such a wrong guy
How could I not away from him fly?
Curious they seem
Couldn’t be any subtle
Blurted, I hate that smelly stubble
Crazy giggles followed soon
Dirty looks from others in the bathroom
Looked we were totally drunk
Who knew I had recently dumped
He waited outside
We had to get away
Seems we had to say
‘She is not in her senses’
My girl says
‘Coz of your smelly stubble’
They neither know how to be subtle
Disappointed he walks away
Gossips, giggles on the road
Girls, we sway

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.Tagging friends: Ashish Hablani, Sreesha Divakaran, Sindhu Devi K, Sreeja Praveen

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  1. I wonder how do you weave it so well! Thanks for tagging me :)

    1. Awww.. Thank you so much Sindhu.. You are always kind with your words :) You are most welcome.. All the best if you plan to write for the contest !!

  2. another master piece.. nice one.. :)

  3. could stubble be so grubby
    that makes one move away?
    good, I stopped by
    else I would miss a point or two…

    1. Oh yes Deeps.. it sure is, in case its smelly.. And yes, you are at the right place ;) :P

  4. Oh my.. smelly stubble-s :D

    Very very nice :)

    1. Oh yes.. smelly stubbles .. urgghh.. Glad you liked this Namrota :)

  5. Vow! amazing and emotional piece. Keep rocking.

  6. Poetic heart gets into delusions sometimes.People find them easy to grab-another delusion.Poetic heart knows when to be at guard and say it all to mesmerize the readers!

    1. Oh my God, Vijai, you have interpreted it so differently :):)

    2. Actually Jyotsna,i was just absorbed in the poem and the above thought flew out.

    3. So glad you liked the poem so much Vijai.. :):)

    4. Awaiting a lot of them! All the best,

    5. Thanks a lot Vijai :) Lovely to have you here :)


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