Monday 16 December 2013

Some things just click with women ;)

I wake up suddenly and find myself immersed in white. I look around. Nobody. I think hard and remember my accident. I get panicky. I search for bruises. None. How could it be?  

Suddenly, I hear giggles. Two girls dressed weirdly walk towards me.

‘Excuse me?’

‘Yes Avinash’ – answers the one with deep blue eyes. I couldn’t help but notice how breathtakingly beautiful she was.

‘Err.. I know it sounds a cliché but main kahan hoon


‘Heav..heaven? Is this some joke? Oh-my-God. Did I die?’

‘Yes. But good deeds have brought you to Heaven.’

Oh, so this is what it comes to. My life. Death. I have questions. But nobody to ask. I don’t know how many days pass by. I don’t even know if they have days in heaven. Slowly death sinks in. Heavenly routine of basking in pleasures sets in.

I notice the blue-eyed girl everyday. My manly instincts tell me she is interested too. But whenever I approach her, she vanishes. Determined, I stop her one day. She seems frightened or amused, I don’t know.

‘Err.. I really like you. And something tells me you do too. I know I am being direct but I am already dead so you or nobody can kill me for saying this.’

I try humour.   

‘I hate that smelly stubble of yours. I know I am being direct but even I am already dead so you can’t kill me either.’

There. A faint smile.

So, this stubble kept me away from my probable girlfriend. Err.. do they have girlfriends in heaven? Never mind.

Next day, I see her again. And I could see from sparks over her head that my clean shaven look had bowled her over.

Heaven or Earth. Some things just click with women ;) 

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  1. Aaha :) Jyotsna, thanks for the tag :) I don't know how I missed this :) Nice story, brought a smile to my lips :)

    1. Hey Sreeja.. You are welcome.. All the best if you are planning to write.. Glad you liked my little story :)

  2. Wow...very creative! In shoes of a man u drive d point home better!

    1. Thank you Amrita.. Glad you liked this attempt :)

  3. Haha.. the stubble affair... good one :)


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