Friday, 27 December 2013

Gift wrapping a Future Country for my Child !!

I am just another citizen of this country. Yes, the kind who sees the sorry state of affairs of this land, cribs about it, laments at the condition and may be even write about it at times ranting about the happenings around. And just like my fellow Indians, I am cynical. I am cynical about the future of this country. I too worry at times about where would all this stop and how far could the condition deteriorate more.

But, yes, I do dream. Dream about positives. Dream about things getting better. Sensing hope with change in some political movements happening in the country. Feel proud when ‘mango people’ get acknowledged for their efforts.
And one of the dreams of this just another citizen of this country is a dream where some small changes happening in the country, may be, may be would lead to bigger modifications being brought in the political, economic and social  scenario of my country. May be we could be living in a better place.

A country which has fought its battles, a country which has at times been wounded, at times even lost but gradually it has become a country which has not only survived but also emerged victorious defeating the very enemies of its existence. It is such a country that I would want to gift to my child for his/her secure future.

A country free from clichés of Gender based roles: No matter how modern this country grows, no matter how much development takes place, the clichés of gender based roles still remain. It was the same when my mother was a child, it was the same when I was a child. But I hope, whenever my child comes to this world, the situation would have bettered. I wish I could gift my child a country where gender parity exists. I wish my child would not be judged on the basis of his/her sex but on the basis of his/her capabilities as a person. I wish my daughter would be able to guilt-freely handle her multinational company position and my son would not be critiqued as being hen-pecked for helping his wife in the kitchen. Ah, I so wish.

A country which is a Safe Haven: As I told you earlier, yes I have ranted about it before on this blog. But trust me, even writing about the current safety conditions of women in the country seems to be such a mocking exercise at our own self. It’s as if we have become so accustomed to hearing about these incidents these days that any new incident hardly hogs some corner space in newspapers and some quick rumbling by news anchors, leave aside the possibility of it creating some stir within our souls. I sincerely wish my child doesn’t have to see or go through this phase. I wish I could gift my child a country where safety is not a luxury available to few. I wish my girl would never have to worry about her safety while moving to another city or while coming back from her office late at night. I wish my son takes the safety of women around him as his own moral responsibility. I wish just like my wishes for my children, others too would have wished the same and would have molded their children accordingly. I so wish.

A country free from Pollution and Adulteration: Yes we all know about the effect pollution has on us. Yes it is dangerous. But, hazards of industrial pollution? What about the threat the improperly disposed bio-medical waste poses for your health? You don’t even have an ounce of idea about the ghastly effect the pollutants being emitted from those factories have on your body systems. And adulteration. The shocking truths rather not be told here. Because I know, you have read about it earlier, here and there. Because I know you would skim through this paragraph if I rant about it more. But being a part of machinery that deals with these day in and day out as a part of my job makes me worry more. And hence, I wish I could gift my child a country which has its pollution checks under control and adulteration be a word unheard of. I wish my child doesn’t have to inhale those hazardous emissions and would be able to have food that doesn’t reek of adulteration. Yes, I so wish.  

A country sans the Scams: I know I know looking at the current scenario, it seems impossible. I know there are thousands, big and small ones, going on right this very minute. But still I wish. I wish I could gift my child a country free of scams and corruption. I wish he reads about the gory details of scams and corruption in history books. I wish my child is able to trust the people who run his country and believes that they are doing his good and not only their own. I pray that he isn’t cynical like me about the future of the nation and has the flame of hope about the bright future of the nation always alive within him. Oh yes, I so wish.

A country discriminative against Discriminators: Discrimination on the basis of religion as well as promoting people from your own caste, we have seen it all. Communal lobbies exist in all walks of life, be it society, politics or your work life. I wish my child never sees them, rest alone faces them. I wish I could gift my child a country where he is judged, promoted or otherwise only and only on the basis of his mettle as a person and not just because he belongs or doesn’t belong to a particular section of society. I wish I could gift him a country where he is never asked to quote his surname for showcasing his abilities. Yep, I so so wish.

So, these are few wishful wishes for the secure future of my future child. They are here because I believe that if my country’s future is safe, my child’s future would be secured too.

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  1. Jyotsna, this is a very thought provoking post. I wish all your dreams come true ! We all hope that the next generation gets an opportunity to live in a country which provides them a clean atmosphere all around.

    1. Thank you Ushaji.. Amen to that !! Lets hope these wishes do come true :)


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