Thursday, 17 April 2014

Our Blogs, Our Homes !!

Our Blogs. Thinking about mine brings a smile to my face. Does yours bring too? I was just thinking how they are an extension of us. Can we call them our second homes? They say home is where heart is. And our blogs certainly have our hearts, don’t they?

The look of our house has to be like us, like people residing in it. Traditional or bohemian, black & white themed or dashed with colours, or a mix of everything. Remember, while decorating your house for that occasion where there would be guests coming over, how you fretted over tiniest things that would matter. Where should that plush looking carpet be placed? Where would that art piece look best? Thinking. Arranging. Re-arranging. After all, you would have guests at your place. They shall look around; they shall walk all over, look in the corners - the decorations, the colours, the patterns, the wall pieces, everything. And you want them to be perfect. May be if not perfect, atleast like you. The guests should remember whom they visited. If they go and talk about it to others, nothing like it. 

Well, didn’t you feel similar while you were decorating your blog? Didn’t you try many themes before finalizing the one? I have seen some beautiful wall hangings, colourful pictures, animations and even fish tanks on the blog. Extension of the bloggers themselves, I guess?

Whenever anything new happens in the house, be it an event - happy or sad, whether you’ve brought a new television or whether you’ve given up an old bad habit, the family and friends have to know about it. Isn’t that the case with our blogs too? They are the first ones to listen to our achievements, bear our rants and share our happiness. And then, the news spreads to family and friends – virtual but equally strong like the real ones. They would come and praise your achievement, they would come and share your sadness, they would congratulate you and they would advise you. Just like your real friends and family.  

We like to keep the most prized possessions, our winning trophies in the most visible place of the house for everybody to see and admire. And similarly, those lovely award badges, those contests winning badges, the badges showing where we’ve been published adorn our sidebars, visible for all.

Our houses get cluttered. And then, we start the cleanliness drives. Creating drawers for different things, putting things in their place, marking the lids of the jars so that they are easily available next time you need them. Haven’t you donw the same for the blog? Labeling the posts, adding proper tags, linking to the other similar posts and even creating pages for similar ones to be stacked together. Homes, Blogs.

And remember, when you have guests at your place? You clean the place well, you announce their arrival to other members of the family, introduce the guest to your family members. Isn’t that somewhat similar to what we do while having co-bloggers as guests on our blog? Similar. 

And then you might roam around, admire others’ places, may be want that wall hanging that is there in neighbour’s house on your wall too, but then, at the end of the day, your own little space is the best. The best. Howsoever, cluttered or empty it is. Your home does have your heart. So does your blog. Isn’t it?

This post is written as a part of April A to Z Challenge 2014 under Non-Themed category. I am doing two posts for this Challenge and Themed posts can be found here.


  1. For bloggers, yes, our home is the blog :D or is it vice versa :P :P :P Loved the way you thought this up and crafted it, Jyotsna :)

    1. I would say that they are an extension of us in every way possible. Thanks Sreeja :)

  2. Blog is our home isn't it? Love the way you connected the dots

    April A to Z blogger -

    1. Thanks a lot Vinitha. Glad you could also find a connect :)


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