Friday, 18 April 2014

Problems, Problems, Problems !

Problems, Problems, Problems !
So many you cannot count
Infinite, because all of them you won’t surmount
Their arrival you would be unable to account

You come out of some
And to others you lose
While some will always leave you bruised

Some relate to matters of the heart
And to deal with them, you never learn the art

Problems, Problems, Problems !
They are a tough nut to crack
To unknot them, you have to learn the knack
For others, you need some specialized jacks

They make you suffer
Occurring because with you, people might differ
And all they end up is making your life tougher and tougher

They arise because circumstances are tough
They arise because society around you is rough

Problems, Problems, Problems !
You curse, you shout
Your destiny you always doubt
When they are around, you don’t know where to go about

No matter how hard you try, one or the other shall always stay
They will always come and go in their own way
There isn’t a solution to keep them permanently at bay

To overcome, yourself you maneuver,
Just make them a part of you
So that probably, probably, they will not bother as much as they do

This post is written as a part of April A to Z Challenge 2014 under Non-Themed category. I am doing two posts for this Challenge and Themed posts can be found here.


  1. Yes, dear :) We all live with problems which are an inseparable part of ourselves :D If they weren't tough to handle, we wouldn't call them problems at all :D
    Lovely poem :)

  2. This was a very good read on something we all know quite well - Problems! Yes, if only we didn't have those...but then where would be the fun of living? :) Nicely done!

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

    1. Well yes, they bring out the stronger us !! Thanks Beloo :)

  3. Nicely written Jyotsna. Yes if only we didn't have any problems, life would have been so much easier. But then it wouldn't have been much fun either. Problems I guess are necessary evils, we definitely need them to come out stronger and wiser.

  4. We have to get past our problems. I mean what is life without a few problems? :)

    1. Yes, somehow they bring out the better and wiser us as said by Anu :)

  5. Problems will always be there, and we just have to get on top of them ... beautiful poem :-)

  6. ahh problems... they will always be there like an itchy nose... loved your solution too :) well written

    1. Yes, they are bound to be there.. Thanks Rajlakshmi :)


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